Floral Dresses in the UK

Romantic and exquisite, intriguing and whimsical, floral prints are the quintessence of femininity, and floral dresses are ladylike by nature. Think florals are outdated? Not at all! Consider floral dresses only for the summer? Though indisputable summer faves, modern floral prints come in so many numbers and are available in so many colour patterns that there is a floral gown to fit any season. Doubt if you can afford to wear a floral frock? Set off those doubts since floral dresses are for everyone, irrespective of age and body shape. So, give it a try.

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Find Your Perfect Floral Dress Floral is a timeless print that has been on a fashion scene for ages. Good for pretty much any frock designs, florals look their best in more relaxed and floaty silhouettes like those of A-line, skater, wrap, and boho style gowns. Likewise, florals are exceptionally versatile and fit pretty much any style except for strict formal outfits where solid colours reign. Delicate and strikingly feminine, floral dresses are trending right now and if you don’t have a floral frock in your wardrobe, it’s high time to get one. However, many gals steer clear of floral gowns out of concern for looking like they wrapped themselves in a grandma’s kitchen curtain. Sounds like you? Then check our tips on how to choose a floral print that will look fresh and fashionable rather than frumpy and old-fashioned. Overall, there are three main aspects to keep in mind. It’s the print’s scale, contrast, and density. The scale is the size of the print itself that ranges from large through medium to small. The basic rule here is that larger prints provide a better slimming effect while smaller prints add some volume and work better for petite figures. The key is not to go overboard and stick to a happy medium that will always keep you up-to-date since too large and too small prints quickly go out of style. Depending on how dense the print is, it can help you mask some of your body weaknesses and accentuate the benefits. While a sparse or loose print works to emphasise the curves, a dense large print boasts the best camouflaging properties. When it comes to contrast, it is about how contrasting the print elements against the background are. Larger prints usually look more contrasting while prints made of smaller pieces are more delicate. Surprisingly enough, eye-popping high-contrast prints like those with big light elements against a dark background are more flattering on large-scale bodies and will simply “eat up” smaller figures. The final thing to pay attention to is a floral print style. Coming in multicoloured and monochromatic varieties, there are stylised and natural florals. More sophisticated and sleek, stylised floral prints work better for mature age. Meanwhile, flirty naturalised prints are more fit for younger gals. A floral gown is self-sufficient and doesn’t need much accessorising if any. It makes a stand-alone outfit and a properly selected pair of shoes will be enough to make it look complete. To hit the spot with florals, pick the footwear in one of the basic colours and undertones of the print. And nude shoes are a perfect pair for pretty much any floral dress.