Plaid Dresses in the UK

Plaid pattern is not new, yet, surely an updated trend. Sending us back to 50s, plaid pattern is completely redefined in modern style and shines its best in dresses. Mix up a plaid pinafore with a turtleneck and court shoes for an elegant and restrained teacher-like look or team a houndstooth wiggle dress with a cashmere coat for a chic cold-season outfit. Depending on the pattern size, the plaid print can help mask some figure weaknesses and accentuate the strengths while creating sharper and more defined shapes. Offered in all sizes, lengths, and designs, plaid dresses will take a decent place in your wardrobe.

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Wrap Yourself in Checks Starting with a quick historical flashback, plaid print has been around for many years. Inspired by the Scottish tartan pattern, plaid print started its way back in the 1940s from timeless flannels, confidently marched through decades, with real booms in the 1960s and early 1990s, and doesn’t seem to be going to leave the fashion scene anytime soon. Modern plaid patterns are extremely versatile and widely vary in sizes and colour combinations. If you are into prints, more likely than not, you’ve already got some kind of checkered clothing in your wardrobe, be it a proverbial lumberjack plaid cotton shirt or a school-style tartan skirt. And how about a plaid dress? Don’t have one yet? Then you should definitely give it a try! Even though there is some sort of retro feel to a plaid pattern, dresses printed in check look stunning and have great potential. With the right cut and properly styled, it can make you look awesome and appropriate for any occasion. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to wear and style plaid dresses. To start off, a black-and-white gingham sleeveless shirt dress will perfectly match a tailored leather jacket and bright heeled sandals to set up a kind of chic punk image appropriate for dates and casual meetings. It will make you look appealing and feel comfy at the same time. Next, a tartan long-sleeved shirt dress in black and red checks with an asymmetrical hem paired with over-the-knee suede boots, a leather waistcoat, and a black hat will rock a great combo for bold and stylish younger fashion savvies. It’s a nice example of fashion-forward streetwear. Meanwhile, an ensemble of the same knee-long check dress in elegant burgundy and navy colours blended with a classy black cardigan and pointed-toe ankle boots can easily bring you to the office or some work meetings, with a strong flair of smart casual. Apart from all sorts of trendy shirt dresses in plaid, there is also an array of bodycons, pinafores, fit-and-flare dresses, off-the-shoulder frocks, country-style gowns, and other checkered models that will work great for workwear and city style.