Brown Skirts in the UK

No one can overlook the beauty of a brown skirt. If there is a timeless trend, then it's definitely a brown skirt that is classy enough to wear to the office and swanky restaurants and fun enough to wear to brunch with friends. Due to its strong character, a brown skirt can become an instant outfit-maker. So, if you're after a versatile piece for business and casual events, check our collection of the latest brown skirts. From deep chocolaty to rich caramel, we have lots of styles that are ladylike, elegant and can beautifully blend with so many colours. Love them all!

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Fancy It Up! Although brown skirts may seem too professional and even boring, there are many ways to make them pop. So, below, you’ll find different outfits that will make this closet staple shine. If there is a chic timeless trend, then it’s the brown suede skirt that looks ultimately cool with a black and white striped blouse tucked in. This is a very sophisticated ensemble that may be completed with neat black booties and a small black purse. If you’re after a street-chic look, wear a brown skirt with a black leather jacket, white blouse, black tights and black flats. This combo of black, white and brown looks modest yet flirty and is very autumn-friendly. Need more contrast? Then opt for a brown midi pencil skirt and a mustard sweater to create a very fresh yet office-ready look. Many gals consider brown as a tricky colour and don’t wear bright colours along with it. However, many bold shades can complement a brown skirt. Just keep the whole outfit balanced with lighter-toned bags and shoes. Nudes will work nicely. That being said, you can safely go all-brown for a sophisticated look. The key is to play with textures and fabrics. You can choose a chocolate brown leather skirt to make it a focal point of your outfit, and then complement it with a light brown knitted turtleneck and beige suede heels. This outfit looks so comfortable, warm, and high-end at the same time. Super ladylike vintage look? Why not? Combine the two retro staples - a polka dot blouse with a ruffled brown A-line skirt that sits tightly around the waist and flares out at the end. You can also go for a pleated brown skirt that is always a classic choice when you want to look graceful. To achieve a more casual and youthful everyday look, wear a white crop turtleneck, white trainers, and a high-waisted mini skirt. Another way to look casual and stylish is to pair a light, airy skater brown skirt with a light blue chambray button-up shirt. You can finish this look with a leopard print leather purse that will add sophistication and make it more mature. This is an extra stylish outfit that you can rock before cold autumn winds come along.