Pink Skirts in the UK

No longer is pink a girly-girl colour. Just like Aerosmith said, "It's the colour of passion, 'cause today it just goes with the fashion". Screaming romance, love, sweetness, allure, and charm, a pink skirt can make you look and feel extra dainty and feminine. With that, a pink skirt is more versatile than you might think at first sight. Scroll through our outfit ideas with pink skirts and see for yourself. From girly skater minis in hot pink to sophisticated lace bodycons in blush, we have a perfect skirt for everyone regardless of your age and personal style.

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How to Look Mature Wearing a Pink Skirt Since pink is strongly associated with youth and early adolescence, some women begin to shy away from pink clothing and eventually weed them out of their wardrobes. However, pink skirts aren’t reserved just for baby girls, and actually can be worn at any age. Just follow these simple tips on how to wear pink in a more mature way and send the right message that you’re a grown-up woman who enjoys dressing up. First of all, we recommend you to go for softer shades of pink like old rose, carnation, or blush. These shades are very sophisticated and chic, and are perfect for those who don’t want to look too girlish. You can also go bolder with such “mature” shades like rosewood, coral, magenta, and similar hues that are very rich and flattering for most women. Typically, brunettes with dark brown eyes look fantastic in fuchsia, while blondes with golden skin are stunning in coral, salmon, or baby pink skirts. Yet, those with fair complexion and blue eyes should give their preference to cool powder, blush, and similar shades. When it comes to styles, nothing screams “grown-up” like a straight midi pink skirt that can be perfectly matched with a black pinstriped blazer for “Who's the Boss?” look. If you want to go extra elegant, opt for a lace pink skirt paired with a black blouse in luxe fabrics like satin or silk. Pink and black is a classic combo that looks super chic and polished. This outfit would be appropriate for cocktail parties, business meetings, and dinners in swanky restaurants. The next hot trend this season is a pink plaid skirt that can be categorised both as bold Punk style and girly or Romantic style. So, it can help you create the office-appropriate business look and casual summer look. For the work outfit, choose tops that match the darker colours of the plaid and/or neutrals. For a bolder look, you can go head-to-toe pink with tops in matching shades. However, keep away from any sort of frilly and fancy details, and stick to cool, fashion-forward pieces instead.