Burgundy Skirts in the UK

Maybe not a straightforward choice for every gal, burgundy skirts look chic and expensive. And the best thing is that they effortlessly lend the same feel to the whole outfit, no matter the degree of formality. Coming in a variety of cuts, lengths, and designs, burgundy skirts are good both for high-profile events and for casual wear, for festive occasions and for days at work. Besides, they will look great both in the summer heat and in the winter chill. So, if you seek an alternative to basic black and grey bottoms, a skirt in a rich and deep undertone of red resembling that of mature wine is a good choice.

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A Basic Going Beyond Basic Building up a capsule wardrobe that will be right for you is not only about selecting wardrobe essentials appropriate for your lifestyle, personality, and activity but also about choosing a basic colour palette. With fashion trends ever-changing, those basic colours are something you can consistently rely on and build your outfits around. And while matching hues and tones using the colour wheel needs more time to master, basic colours seem pretty obvious. Black and white, grey and beige are the first colours that usually come to mind. Yet, when it comes to basic bottoms, most likely than not, your choice will narrow down to black and grey. But if you want something different that will still feel basic but look more beautiful and appealing, burgundy is the colour to go. Muted yet rich, it looks elegant and classy, so burgundy skirts have a lot to offer in terms of combinability and wearability without feeling as basic as black and grey numbers. To start with the common rules, burgundy is a saturated and very independent colour leaning toward the darker side of the palette. To make burgundy skirt outfits complete, balanced, and pulled together, wear them with simple solid tops and shoes that coordinate in colour with the skirt. The most favourable colour combinations for burgundy are those with black, white, grey, beige, tan, blue, and light green colours and their undertones. While lighter shades atop take a refreshing touch on a burgundy skirt, darker hues further enhance the elegance and royal chic. Coming down to skirt cuts and designs, each model looks and feels different depending on the fabric it is made of. Thus, pencil burgundy skirts can be both professional and expressly appealing. While a pencil skirt in wool, cotton, tweed, or jersey will easily mix into your 9 to 5 outfits, the same model in satin, velvet, or even lace is a perfect evening “player” that can bring you anywhere from a cocktail with your loved one to a wedding party. Flared skirts in burgundy are an ideal concoction of a noble feel and flirty touch. A-line, skater, and pleated burgundy skirts reveal the stronger side of femininity. They will make you look very ladylike and confident at the same time. It’s an ideal mix for a modern woman. And if you want something really special, turn your eyes to leather burgundy skirts. Snug-fitting, slit, wrap, or even pleated leather skirts in burgundy are irresistibly gorgeous. This colour makes leather look edgy and bold but softer and more alluring in a way. A seemingly simple combo of a burgundy leather skirt with nude heels and a solid beige top will demonstrate your fashion sense and make you noticeable, wherever you go.