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Are you in search of your perfect tartan skirt to add a girly touch to your outfits? Then you're in luck because in this fashion collection, we offer you a wide range of plaid skirts from different brands and designers to make sure everyone regardless of the age, body type and preferences can find a suitable thing. Available in various colours, styles, lengths and designs, plaid skirts are a staple that should be present in any girl's wardrobe and that is very easy to style for a variety of occasions. Need proofs? Scroll down to see all tartan skirts that are trending this year! You'll be surprised how versatile and fashionable they are!

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More of a Staple Than a Fashion Trend With its roots running back to the 18th century when checks were a big part of Scotish culture, tartan skirts do not go anywhere and remain a favourite piece of girls from all over the world, offering dozens of ways to style them in edgy, trendy and fashion-forward looks. Throughout this time, the pattern of these skirts evolved, carrying a different meaning for every new generation, which made tartan skirts a staple and a must-have for any gal's wardrobe. What makes plaids so popular is the ease with which they can be mixed and matched with other pieces and practically, making them a go-to option for just about every occasion. Below, you can find some great styling tips that will help you get the most out of your checkered patterned bottom. The distinguishing feature of tartan is that it is very versatile and practical and can be worn not only for casual wear but also for more formal affairs. Besides, you can choose any style you prefer! Whether it be a pleated tartan, an elegant A-line bottom or a pencil checkered skirt, it will look awesome in combination with sweatshirts, jackets, and blazers and ideally work with both court shoes and trainers for an elegant or relaxed, laid-back look. On top of that, these skirts ideally work with chunky accessories so if you’d like to break your look, experimenting with jewellery will be just the ticket. Another cool thing about tartan skirts is that they can be worn all year round - just choose the appropriate fabric. For a summer look, choose a skirt made from a thin fabric and partner it with a crop top. This combination looks sexy, hot and extremely trendy. Need some winter ideas? Opt for a high-waisted tennis checkered bottom and wear it with a mohair top. An outfit like this looks very feminine and ideally works for leisurely strolls, Friday dinners, and friendly get-togethers. When it comes to office attire, stylists recommend going with a thick pencil tweed skirt. Skirts like these look amazingly cool paired with blazers, matching turtlenecks, tunics and jumpers. To finish off your look, add some accessories, grab your spacious bag and wear some fancy sunnies. In all, the beauty of tartan skirts is that they can be combined with a variety of clothes - from casual tees to chunky sweaters, classic blazers, court shoes and trainers. Hence, you are free to try on your everyday clothes with a plaid skirt and see how they'll work! Hopefully, our looks will inspire you.