Lace Long Sleeve Dresses in the UK

Laces have been on trend for a few years now and it looks like they won't go anywhere any time soon. A lace detail can make any dress, even the most basic one, look unique and elegant. So if you are looking for a party dress, go with the option that has any lace decor or lace sleeves. A long sleeve lace dress can be a perfect choice for hot season events that require a special dress code, but it still allows you to feel cool and comfy. This dress will also be a life saver for those ladies who want to wear something light but don't feel comfortable showing their upper arms. So browse thought our selection and shop the best long sleve lace dresses in the UK.

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When to Wear a Long-Sleeve Lace Dress? A long-sleeve lace dress is perhaps the most obvious choice for official summertime events and ceremonies. That said, it’s not uncommon today to see lace being part of casual attire too. Thus, if you’ve been thinking about adding a long sleeve dress with a lace decor to your wardrobe, below we’ll tell you how and where to wear this dress. As was mentioned, a lace dress is a staple for formal gatherings: weddings, award ceremonies, black-tie cocktail parties, and many more. You can opt for a midi model or a long sleeve maxi lace dress to create a classy and elegant look and finish it off with a pair of statement-making heels. This combination will surely make heads turn as you go. If you are having a date night, a long sleeve dress will help reveal your femininity while keeping you comfortable. Besides, by providing full arm coverage, it’ll also keep you warm and save you the need to wear a jacket on top. Classic midi or seductive long sleeve mini lace dresses are just perfect for romantic dinners. Looking for a casual outfit for a lunch meeting? You can opt for a lace dress with sleeves, too! Style a basic mini dress with some simple accessories and flat shoes, and you will get a perfect casual look. For an even cuter outfit, go with a dress with some fun design like a skater dress or a drop-waist one. A quick pro-tip: when styling a dress with long sleeves, keep in mind that they attract attention to your hands. Thus, don’t forget to add a few beautiful rings to complete the look. Depending on the design of the sleeve, you can also add a cute bracelet. But make sure the rings and the bracelet nicely complement each other. Also, make sure to take an elegant clutch with you - something with lace details will work. So, no matter if you are looking for a maxi long sleeve dress for a black-tie event or for a casual spring and summer outings, our selection covers some of the best options.