Women's Blue Shirts in the UK

With a blue shirt in your wardrobe, you will be able to create not only classy and formal looks but also spice your casual outfits. A blue shirt looks good with pretty much anything: whether you want to wear a classy grey pantsuit, a black pencil skirt or a pair of basic blue jeans with ripped detail, it will suit perfectly. A good idea will be to opt for a blue shirt with stripes, polka dots, flowers, or pretty much any other print. It will make the overall look more interesting and bring the accent to your upper part. So, here we've collected all the best models of blue shirts you can add to your wardrobe.

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Different Kinds Of Blue Shirts Blue is an incredibly rich colour with multiple shades that will never go out of fashion. Pretty much every season you can see shades from bright royal blue to soft pastel shades to deep navy blue on the runaways. Such a variety of options allows a person with any colour type to find a perfect option for their wardrobe. You can also choose not just a solid blue shirt but also go with a printed model that can highlight your unique style. Colours and prints aside, these shirts are made of different materials as well. So here, we selected a few options that can be added to your wardrobe. A cotton blue shirt with a straight silhouette is the base of your capsule wardrobe. It is ideal to wear with suits and jeans. Cotton is breathable, therefore, it will be a perfect option for any season including hot summertime. Shirts made of silk and similar materials are probably one of the most fashionable choices you can go with for this season. Such items have a beautiful shine and can become the centre of attention in your outfit. However, don’t forget that when styling a silky shirt (whether it be a solid shirt or not), the bottoms need to have a minimalist design in order not to make the overall outfit look too “heavy”. Denim shirts are a must-have for autumn and winter wardrobe. This material is pretty thick, so it can keep you warm even on the coldest days. You can wear blue denim shirts individually or keep them unbuttoned with a T-shirt underneath. The other great idea will be to get a shirt with lace details. It can be a completely sheer model or a model with a lining. The first option will suit ladies who are willing to try risky outfits during warm seasons. The latter will help create exquisite looks all year round. Last but not least, if you are looking for a piece of clothing specifically for warm seasons, consider getting a satin shirt. This fabric offers a luxurious feel and gear quality. It is also very light and airy, so you won’t sweat even on the hottest days.