Women's Floral Shirts in the UK

With their intricate patterns and ability to instantly attract attention to your best features, bold and extra-feminine floral shirts have long become a style "do" for not only summer but for year-round wear as well. Though they're obviously great for bringing along on vacations, you can also easily introduce the printed shirt into your weekly rotation and work wardrobe. And our inspiring outfit ideas can show you the right way to do so. Our infinite collection includes an exquisite range of floral prints and a vast variety of different styles to suit just about any occasion.

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Styling a Floral Shirt To help you embrace the floral trend to the fullest, we’ve compiled the list of “dos” and “don’ts” for wearing floral shirts. First of all, you should be selective with the fabric. Nowadays, you can find a lot of rayon and polyester floral shirts that are fairly thin and lightweight, making them good for dry heat. However, they aren’t very breathable and can't naturally wick moisture, so they are best for wearing during colder months. For summer, do choose cotton, chiffon, linen or viscose floral shirts that will allow the air to circulate in and out of your body. During the spring and summer months, you can also safely opt for fun, light, and bright colours. Yet, we recommend choosing duller, darker, and more sophisticated shirts in grey, black, purple, or navy and layering them up with thick knits in winter. Button up your shirt before layering a comfy sweater over it and then pull out the collar of the shirt making it visible and, thus, giving your outfit a hint of a pattern. Avoid sweaters that are skin-tight so that your shirt doesn’t look bulky under it. Besides sweaters and jumpers, you can pop on a denim jacket or a smart blazer to add a bit of masculine touch to an otherwise ultra-sweet floral blouse. Actually, there are tons of ways you can style a floral shirt but to let it stay the focal point of your outfit, try to match your bottoms to the print, especially if your floral shirt is on the busier side. Choose trousers in a colour echoed by the print of your shirt to make both pieces complement each other. Yet, never combine two different floral patterns together. Pairing your floral multicoloured shirt with blue, white, or black jeans is also a great way to keep the look light and casual. Tuck in your floral shirt into your jeans and finish off the look with a pair of trainers or flats for a laid-back vibe. As just mentioned, denim goes extremely well with a floral shirt and is an easy choice of apparel. However, for a really unique look, you may style a feminine floral top with a black cotton mini skirt, contrasting black moto jacket, and black leather booties. This powerful ensemble will make you look elegant and edgy with an added dose of masculinity.