Women's White Footwear in the UK

Compared to their darker counterparts, white shoes can help you make a real statement, especially when they are worn throughout autumn and winter. Actualy, no longer is white footwear reserved only for summer and spring. Lately, we've seen more and more It girls rocking white shoes all year round, styling them with everything and, thus, making the white shoe trend more wearable for everyday occasions. Whether you're heading to the office, karaoke bar, or some swanky restaurant, white shoes can work for you. To show you what we mean, we have collected the best white footwear styles and have rounded up the best outfits around them. Check out.

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Rocking White Shoes Although shoes come in all shapes and styles, a lot of gals are still unsure of how to wear them. Need some advice? First and foremost, you should identify the level of formality you'd like to achieve. For casual looks, you may go for white trainers, boat shoes, flats, slip-ons, or sandals. If you’d like to create business and semi-formal looks, you can’t go wrong by wearing white loafers, boots, or heeled sandals. For formal events, opt for white brogues, stilettos, heels, or oxfords. Delving deeper, we would like to focus on some must-have styles and how to wear them right. If you’re after a sporty or casual look, we recommend aiming for white high-top trainers that have been trending for a couple of seasons now. They pair amazingly well with another must-have piece - wide-leg cropped jeans. Then you may throw on a white t-shirt and a hoodie for street-ready flair. More versatility? Then choose low-top trainers that look good with a wider range of outfits. You can easily wear them with skinnies or chinos without them bunching up at the ankles as it may happen when wearing high tops. Plus, they can be worn without socks for a laidback summer look. If you need good coverage but want to look more polished, then swap trainers for white brogues or ankle-heeled booties. They look sharpest when paired with tailored trousers and fitted blazers, making them perfect for professional or semi-formal outfits. The only thing to keep in mind is that the high contrast of dark bottoms and white footwear may look unbalanced, so steer away from black trousers and choose lighter shades like pale grey or light beige instead. For a business casual vibe, you may wear white ankle high-heel footwear with a smart dress and then accessorise this outfit with a stack of white bangles, chunky hoop earrings, and a light scarf. Try flat sandals for a laidback vintage look with a boho flair. You can wear them with maxi skirts or mini denim shorts, with basic tees or airy chiffon blouses, with wide-brimmed hats and baseball caps. Yet, remember that flat white sandals look extra cool with a white summer dress. White on white looks extra polished and fresh. For some special event, you can also benefit from all-white ensemble by matching a white evening dress with a pair of strappy white heels and silver jewellery for a sophisticated, icy look.