Women's Black Trousers in the UK

Trends change fast, but there are some pieces that will never be out of style. Black trousers are one of them. Professional, chic, versatile, and universally flattering, a pair of black trousers is a staple in any wardrobe. Wearing black trousers is simple since black goes with everything, allowing you to mix and match anything with your bottoms. With that, black trousers are extremely flattering for all body types, giving you the illusion of looking slimmer and taller. So, if you're after something extra versatile, shop our collection of trendy black trousers, take your pick, and never worry about matching.

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Choosing the Perfect Pair of Black Trousers Though black trousers are a wardrobe staple that suits all occasions, days out, clubs, dinners, and other events, it’s not always easy to adapt them for our unique body shapes. That’s why we’ve collected some guidelines that can help you learn how to dress your figure and play up your most favourite features. If you’ve got a slender athletic shape that may be even described as boyish, we recommend you to go for trousers with some pleats at the waist and hips to create curves. Also, you can choose styles with a nipped waist and compliment them with tucked-in tops. Those gals with similar-width shoulders and hips but with no defined waist can benefit from wearing straight leg black trousers. Basically, straight-leg bottoms are an ideal style for any body type. With the uniform width from the thigh to the hem, they create a straight visual line along the leg and can camouflage wide hips and heavy thighs. Therefore, they bring a slimming effect and are also ideal for bottom-heavy pear-shaped women. Yet, steer away from trousers that taper at the ankle since they might throw things off balance and make your hips appear wider. Gals with an inverted triangle shape can balance their shoulders with a pair of wide-leg black trousers that will make you look more curvaceous. Yet, if your hips are broader than your shoulders and you have a defined waist, you should aim for bootcut trousers or those that flare a little bit. Apple-shaped beauties will look their best in slim-leg styles matched with longer tunic tops. This way, they’ll camouflage their belly and emphasise their beautiful legs without looking overwhelmed by fabric. And, finally, those with a proportional hourglass figure can go just with any type of trousers but straight or bootcut styles will look extra cool on you. If you've got some extra kilos, you may want to go for striped black trousers with vertical lines to achieve a slimming effect. No matter what your shape, petites should opt for slimmer leg styles that will flatter your stature and make your legs longer. You can safely match super skinny black trousers with killer heels to lend the illusion of even more height. If you're quite tall, you are free to experiment with hems. For taller gals who would like to stay comfortable in the summer heat but don’t want to wear shorts, cropped trousers in light fabrics can give the best of both worlds.