Women's Blue Jeans in the UK

Denim is an absolute staple and blue is associated with denim more than the 10 colours behind blue combined. People toss around the term “wardrobe essential” but no pieces are as essential as blue jeans. These jeans are more adaptable than most. Thanks to the widespread popularity, you can find blue silhouettes anywhere, so there's very little chance you won't be able to spot the right size, fit, and style when you stick with blue. Dark jeans will fade but blue jeans, especially light-blue jeans, will start looking better with each wash, gracefully ageing and becoming even more stylish as time goes by.

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The Default Shade Saying blue jeans is almost redundant because most denims are blue. Did you ever stop to think why though? Sure, blue jeans are versatile but it is not like blue is the most neutral hue, so why is it the go-to shade that manufacturers use when making jeans? To answer that, you’ll have to look at the chemical properties of most dyes. The issue with pretty much all dyes but blue is that these dyes will usually permeate the fabric when subjected to hot temperatures, making them stick. On the other hand, the indigo dye that was used to make the first jeans would only stick to the threads’ outsides. When indigo-dyed denims are washed, the dye washes away little by little and the threads come with the dye. As we all know by now, the more denim’s washed, the softer the material would get, eventually achieving the worn-in, snug tactile impression that we expect from jeans these days. There are no limits to what you can wear with blue jeans. Nowadays, there are basically no scenes where blue silhouettes will look odd and out of place. More often than not, people associate light blue shades with more casual fits but, with heeled sandals, linen blazer, black top, and the right accessories, like black round sunglasses and maybe an edgy bulky belt, you can not only balance the look but also make the outfit fashion-focused enough for date nights and dressy events. Less black and more light pieces, mixing blue jeans with, say, camel tops and white loafers, and you can successfully flirt with the line between business casual and relaxed. Skinny distressed jeans will be able to add ample edge but without that try-hard vibe that can come with skinny black jeans. Light blue jeans will always look more laid-back and relaxed, while dark indigo jeans will be adding class to the outfit.