Women's White Jeans in the UK

Ordinarily, white is the least rebellious colour. But, as far as jeans are concerned, there's nothing safe and conventional about white silhouettes. While most people are rocking blue and black trousers, white jeans allow you to stand out. They're bright yet versatile, something that you can easily dress down but also dress up. White jeans are summer essentials, effortless yet fashion-focused, chic yet not too fancy. All that being said, white is also the least forgiving colour when it comes to fashion, so we would recommend deferring to these looks that we've thrown together to make sure you're not committing any fashion faux pas.

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High-Risk, High-Reward Silhouettes White jeans ought to be chic but not provocative, so revealing cheeks is something you want to avoid. The issue is that white fabrics do not make the task easy. Because not all denim trousers are sewn from thick fabrics, you need to make sure that the fabric is not transparent, making your underpants visible to everyone. That said, even the thickest white fabrics can be somewhat see-through, so a word to the wise - check your behind in a room with ample natural sunlight before going out. When white jeans are too tight, they will not accentuate your biggest assets but rather highlight every jiggle, every little imperfection you have. At the same time, baggy pairs will not camouflage anything and are more likely to make your behind appear shapeless. In other words, with white silhouettes, fit is everything. Gapping at the waist is a big no-no, what you’re looking for is something snug but not too snug, hugging the hips and the seat but not squeezing them. Ladies with slender figures look great wearing classic skinnies and slim boyfriend jeans, whilst those who have some curves to them can opt for slim and straight-leg jeans that skim the generous proportions that you were blessed with but, again, without squeezing them. What’s great about white jeans is that you do not have to balance them. On the contrary, go with white from head to toe and you can easily pull off this monochromatic palette that’s both slimming and flexible.