Women's Black Jeans in the UK

Black jeans are edgy. Black jeans are slimming. Black jeans are more versatile than most jeans, which is saying something. Black silhouettes make any outfit more chic and sophisticated. From jet black to vintage washes, black jeans are wardrobe essentials. There's something timeless about dark shades, something that makes them work with fashion-focused outfits as well as loose and comfortable fits. You can never go wrong with black jeans. From skinnies to straight-leg, from ripped jeans to striped jeans, we have them all here, flattering any and all body types and providing you with an easy opportunity to dress up and dress down.

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Timeless Edge Black trousers have been around as long as any trousers. Some denim styles come and go. Skinny black jeans are not going anywhere though. The flexible yet flattering fit makes them more adaptable than any jeans. Originally synonymous with the 1970s punk movement, skinny black jeans have transformed from this anarchy symbol to the chicest accent to any outfit. Ripped to shreds to demonstrate deliberate rebellion, skinny black jeans used to be all about the edge. Though that edge hasn’t gone anywhere, black jeans these days also come in different shapes and forms, from distressed silhouettes to simple and clean cuts. You can go with clean mid-rise skinnies, throw trainers and any graphic tee and you’re ready to explore the city with comfort and confidence. Swap the trainers and the tee for heels and a silk blouse and you have that dressy evening look that will let you enjoy a night out. Going from the mid-rise to high-rise, you’ll be able to find the jeans that fit and flatter all the right places, especially the tummy area. Hip-hugging pairs are always great at eliminating muffin tops but since dark washes are naturally slimming, black high-waist silhouettes take that to the next level, giving the waist more definition and balancing the curves. Putting on black silhouettes lets you immediately step up your look. Fading is always an issue with them though. Generally speaking, black jeans start looking worn-out with time, especially when you wash them too often. To avoid that, you need to stop machine washing black jeans. Spot-treat the stains and put the jeans in the freezer to kill bacteria and lingering odours. If that’s not an option, turn them inside out before tossing into the washing machine, choose the cycle that uses only cold water, and buy a detergent that’s been formulated to treat dark fabrics.