Long Sleeve Midi Dresses in the UK

Dresses come in all sorts of lengths from mini to maxi, but only a midi dress has a magical ability to suit just about any occasion, especially when it comes to long sleeved styles. They are stylish in the spring, autumn, winter, and maybe even summer if they have delicate lace or airy chiffon sleeves. Another great reason to select a midi long sleeve dress is its versatility as it doesn't limit your footwear options dissimilar to some other dress lengths. Concealing your knees but not your ankles, it allows you to flaunt your flats or heels, depending on your mood. Our collection of midi long sleeve dresses includes the most flattering styles that can be worn from work to night out clubbing to black-tie affairs.

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Select Your Neckline Midi long sleeve dresses come in a wide variety of styles and cuts, and picking the right neckline can make a huge difference. Understanding that every gal is different and has her own unique body and facial features, we’ve come up with this mini guide to help you figure out which types of dresses will be the most flattering for you. Midi dresses with a sweetheart neckline form two beautiful curves like heart shape at your chest area, enhancing your bust and rounding it. They can help create the illusion of slimmer shoulders and are best suited for women with a small or normal bust and wide shoulders. Dresses with a sweetheart neckline are also good for women with a short chin and neck. As for midi long sleeve dresses with a square neck, they may beautifully enhance the voluptuous bust without adding unnecessary volume. This type of dress will definitely give you a sophisticated look, especially if you aim for one in solid colours with no prints. It can also make your shoulders and neckline slimmer visually. Dresses with a scoop neckline can be worn by ladies of any shape and weight, but they work best for those with shorter necks and smaller busts, since the scoop neckline draws the eye downward, lengthening your neck and accentuating your tender collarbone. Another universally flattering style, a V-neck long sleeve midi dress, can enhance your best features as well. Just everybody can look great in a V-neck attire because it balances an upper half and elongates the silhouette. The key is to choose the right depth of the “V” - women with a small chest should choose a low-cut “V” while those with a normal or fuller bust can go for a more dramatic plunge. The V-neck dress also gives a great opportunity to showcase your jewellery. Midi long sleeve dresses with asymmetrical necklines are super trendy this season. Made with a neckline that is cut a bit differently on one side with respect to the other, they create the illusion of cleavage, drawing the eye to your entire silhouette instead of focusing on one point only. They can deftly harmonise your waist and hips, which makes this style ideal for rectangular-shaped women, particularly those with a small chest. For gals with a fuller bust and wider hips, we would recommend going for off-the-shoulder long sleeve midi dresses that are great for showcasing your shoulders and collarbone. Finally, boat neck dresses can suit apple-shaped or pear-shaped gals as they balance a fuller midsection by emphasising your upper half.