Women's Blue Sweaters in the UK

Once the colder months are approaching, a cosy sweater is one of those pieces that will never steer you wrong. Whether you reach for it when you're just running out the door or almost living in it when the freezing temperature comes, you can't feel comfier. Soft both on your skin and on your eyes, it's an absolute staple in a winter wardrobe. And if you feel that a black sweater is too boring but a red one is too bold, maybe that blue sweater is the way to go. Screaming freshness, peace, and loyalty, it s the perfect piece to add fun to any gloomy day. Our collection includes plenty of warm and cosy sweaters from baby blue to cobalt to navy.

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Tips for Choosing the Most Flattering Sweater for Your Body Type Soft and cosy, a blue sweater can make you look chic and keep you comfortable at the same time. But selecting the perfect one is something of a nightmare for a lot of women. With so many types of sweaters to choose from, it’s sensible to go for the silhouette and fabric that would resonate with you just right. Below, we give you some tips on how to choose the sweater that will help you look and feel your best. If you’re a quite tall gal, you can safely go for oversized pullovers and slouchy turtleneck blue sweaters that will effortlessly drape over your figure. However, while relaxed-fit styles are great for those with an oblong body shape, they may make petites look like they are in a sack. Shorter gals need something a little more compact or, at least, cinched at the waist. It’s better to opt for a sweater that hits at the top of your hips and belt it. For pear-shaped women, sometimes also referred to as "triangles", we recommend choosing a style that will pull the eye upward, thus, creating more balance. Choose a blue cardigan sweater or pullover that doesn’t fall lower than your hip bone since longer styles might call attention to your wider bottom and hips. You can also choose a cropped blue sweater and pair it with a high-waisted midi skirt we all know and love. Don’t let your slender waist be swallowed up by a chunky, oversized sweater. If you’re apple-shaped, try a turtleneck or cowl neck pullover that may draw attention away from your waist. A belted blue cardi will also flatter your figure by killing two birds with one stone - it’ll cinch up your waist (adding curves) or keep your midsection open (creating a slimming vertical line). Those who have quite broad shoulders and less definition at the waist should focus on sweaters that will let them show off the upper body stylishly and comfortably. Tunic sweaters and boxy sweaters are among the top choices for inverted triangles as they are breezy and don't call attention to the waist. V necklines are your best friends since they direct the focal point to your bust and hips instead of your shoulders. Yet, those women who are blessed with an hourglass figure shouldn’t be drowning their silhouette with oversized blue sweaters. Instead, go for figure-hugging styles with the cinched waist that will maximise the beauty of your figure. Wrap sweaters are also an excellent option for hourglass figures, especially those with deep V necklines.