Women's Tunics Tops in the UK

While certain trends come into the fashion scene and leave it, there are some pieces that will never go out of style, and a tunic top is one of them. It's a very trendy wardrobe essential that is perfect for all seasons, appropriate for every age, and flattering for any figure. The structure and shape of a tunic top give women more curves and definition than other tops, especially when worn with a belt to bring in the waist. With that, tunics are great for almost any occasion life throws at you. Being a little more formal than a typical t-shirt, it's great for office wear, lunch date, and even a fancy evening out when accessorised with some jewellery and heels.

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Choosing and Wearing a Tunic Top There’s a strong reason why tunic tops remain so popular in the fashion world. Not only is this style flattering for every figure, but it’s also extremely versatile and can help you make a quick transition from day to night, from the beach to city strolls while remaining ultimately comfortable. Having said that, one tunic doesn’t fit all and it’s important to find the one that will be perfect for you. To avoid looking frumpy, you should find a colour that would match your skin tone. First of all, you should determine what type you can refer yourself to - spring, summer, autumn, or winter? If you’re summer, you’ll look your best wearing tunics in lilac, pale blue, as well as pastel and soft neutral colours with rose undertones. “Winter” gals should wear tops with blue or pink undertones; though navy blue, black, and white tunic tops are also acceptable. If you belong to the Spring type, we recommend you to opt for tunics with yellow and orange undertones (peach, ochre, coral, etc.). And finally, beauties of the Autumn type should aim for tunics in warm, deep colours like coffee, caramel, beige, crocodile green, or tomato red. Next, you should find the right bottoms for a tunic depending on the weather and occasion at hand. During the summer, you may wear a tunic bare legged as a summer dress or a beach cover-up (simply add shorts when you’re off the sand). Teaming casual tunic tops with skinny jeans is a fun way to wear them for a more casual setting; it’s better to go for dark wash denim to offset the flowiness of a tunic. Yet, if you’re getting a more formal dinner, slim-fit trousers coupled with heels are a stronger choice. You can also add intricate statement accessories or loud jewellery to fancy up a basic tunic. Feel free to consider a solid tunic top as something of a blank canvas you can easily dress up or down.