Women's Outerwear in the UK

Outerwear is not only meant to keep you warm on those chilly days but also is a great way to finalise and balance your style. So, any conscious fashion-monger strives to keep her outerwear on point. A classic camel coat still remains an attribute of elegant winter outfit ideal both for a business wardrobe and for casual apparels. Meanwhile, a biker jacket will let you step into other tradition. Peculiar for informal style of bikers and rock stars, today, this leather jacket perfectly bundles up with a variety of pants, skirts, and dresses to create a bunch of casual looks. Trimmed with faux fur and made of tweed, plush, velvet, and light cotton, we have blazers, coats and jackets for any season.

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Seasonal Outerwear What is common between winter, spring and autumn? Yes, you’re right: "the whimsical weather”. It may be sunny and beautiful in the morning but when you close the door, out of the blue, it may start raining and when you get to the office, the weather might become even worse, turning into a shower or a little snowstorm. Most anyone has been in a situation like this, but it could be easily avoided if you’d chosen your outerwear right. Here’s a short guide of the outerwear (coats and jackets) that should be present in your wardrobe. Denim Jacket. The beauty about denim jackets is that they are versatile and practical and can be paired with just about any tops and bottoms. You can wear them with sweaters on late spring or autumn evenings and take with you when camping in summer. These jackets are timeless and perfectly suit almost all environments if you know how to rock them. Which jacket to go for? Naturally, this comes down to the matter of preference, but from the practicality point of view, darker washes are a better option. They do not stain as easily, plus it’s easier to pair them with other pieces of clothes. Blazer. Blazers are not only for the office, full dot. In fact, one of the main reasons blazers are trending today is because they are very versatile and can work for creating both office-appropriate outfits and casual ensembles ideal for out of work hours. All you’ll need is to find the right combinations. Blazers are perfect outerwear for warmer spring and autumn and absolutely irreplaceable for summer months. Leather Coat / Biker Jackets. Now, you don’t need to be a fan of rock to rock a biker jacket. It’s a piece that is great to have on hand and suits everyone. What makes them especially great is that they look neither too casual nor too formal and will work with dresses, jeans, shorts, court shoes and trainers equally well. Parka. Although most people do not think of a parka as of a stylish staple, it is, without a doubt, a must-have. Lucky you are if winters in your region are nice and soft, but if it often gets really chilly and you have to walk around outside, having a puffy parka in your closet more than makes sense. Besides, they aren’t ugly. Available in various designs and lengths, you’ll find a lot of parkas that look cool and even fashion-forward. Trench Coat. When spring/autumn approaches and you want to dress up, no outerwear serves this purpose as perfectly as a trench coat. Elegant, stylish, and trendy, these coats virtually scream refinement and professionalism and are able to transform any ordinary outfit into a stylish ensemble.