Women's Trousers in the UK

Originally belonging exclusively to the men's attire, pants have become a part of women's wardrobe long ago and greatly evolved since then. Present in the fashion arsenal of any contemporary woman, modern pants come in a multitude of designs, colour patterns, prints, and fabrics to suit any season and occasion. While dresses are all about feminine appeal, when it comes to comfort, pants are really hard to beat. Being a basic detail for both formal and casual styles, a pair of pants is a must-have for any body type and will help you feel comfy and look your best, whether you need to spend the day on feet or sit in the office chair.

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Modern Trouser Styles and Trends In the fast pace of modern life, the comfort and convenience of trousers often win over the feminine appeal of dresses, especially when it comes to day wear. Hence, today, any gal has more than one pair of trousers in her wardrobe. Trousers are much loved by modern designers, too, and come in so many iterations that they can easily compare with dresses and skirts in terms of versatility. Available in a wide range of cuts, fits, lengths, and fabrics, trousers can translate into all sorts of outfits and always keep you on the comfortable side of fashion. So, let’s take a closer look at modern trouser designs and trends. Classic straight trousers. Trends come and go, while classic pieces are timeless. This model has come directly from the masculine fashion and has all the chances to stay with us for good. A regular leg-fit and an average length make this trouser design a multi-tasker since you can build it into both sporty, casual, and business-like looks with relative ease. Another benefit is that this cut looks pretty good on all the silhouettes. Wide-leg trousers. That’s the biggest trend that has made many gals rethink their trouser game and swap their favourite skinnies for relaxed loose trousers. Distinguished by a tailored high waist and wide flowy legs, wide-leg trousers has a strong figure-balancing effect and sets streamlined and well-proportioned silhouettes for all body types. Inspired by modern working women, these trousers will keep you comfy and won’t let you forget that you are still a woman. Wide-leg varieties include super-loose palazzos with a dreamy and romantic touch and models with folds running from the belt for a more spiced up look. Cropped trousers. This category covers all the lengths from above the ankle to culottes running below the knee or mid-calf. It’s yet another hot trend that comes in loose cut and wide-leg iterations and is also extremely flexible, perfectly fitting both business and street styles. A combo of culottes with over-the-knee boots is a modern edgy look that will demonstrate your fashion consciousness. Flared trousers. Reminiscent of vintage style trouser designs from the ’70s, flared cut gets revamped and comes back both in the knee and the hip flares available in floor-heating lengths perfect for sophisticated heels and in cropped styles for more sporty and catchy looks.