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A time-proven fashion staple, jeans still hold their own and are only getting better. For a style-conscious modern girl, a pair of jeans is never enough. Skinny or classic straight? Trendy high-waisted or carefree boyfriend? Whatever your body shape, and preference, in our collection, you'll find your perfect fit. Jeans perfectly blend with any style and can make a basis for a whole multitude of stunning looks. Paired with trainers and a biker jacket, skinnies will help you make a bold statement while classic straights teamed with a blazer and suede boots offer a nice casual outfit suitable for work or leisure.

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Shop for Your Ultimate Pair of Jeans Irresistibly loved by gals and ladies of all ages, jeans cannot be overlooked when setting up your individual style. However, it was not always the case. Created in the late 1800s as rough men’s workwear, jeans stepped their road to fashion in the 1930s and were widely popularised by Levi Strauss. The first lady’s jeans were also designed and introduced by Levi’s back in 1934. Not only did it dramatically change women’s fashion trends but also it made jeans a part and parcel of the lady’s wardrobe. Fitting into both relaxed weekend outfits and more restrained and elegant workstyle, nowadays, jeans can become an easy answer to that perpetual question of “what to wear” on many occasions. And to find jeans that will fit you like a second skin and set up an impeccable denim look, there are two major rules to follow. The first one is having an idea on the right sizing to avoid slipping on an occasional pair of jeans that will end up hanging on a rack for good. The basic measurements to take include the waist size, inseam length, and the rise, which is the jeans length from the crochet to the waist. The second rule is knowing your body type to choose a model that will provide a good fit for you. Yet, given the number of modern jeans styles, shapes, types, and designs available, including skinnies, straight legs, slim-leg, wide-leg, bootcut, and ankle-cut models, it might be a real challenge. But if you know you figure, it will let you narrow down your choice to the pairs that will flatter your body, mask some imperfections, and enhance your advantages. Besides, it will save you time and stress on trying a whole bunch of jeans and, instead, will give you a chance to enjoy your reflection in the mirror straight away. In our extensive jeans collection, we have a variety of models, all built into differently styled looks, to suit various body types. Body-hugging skinnies and more relaxed flares to show off the best of an hourglass shape with a balanced silhouette and slim waist or refine your curves. Straight mid-rise jeans and bootcut models to accentuate the waist and skim down the hips as well as to balance leg proportions and create a slimmer silhouette for triangle or pear bodies. High-rise skinnies and regular classic jeans to lend a strong slimming effect and elevate the style for round or apple body shapes with issues in their tummy area. Super skinny jeans and boyfriends to accentuate the slenderness and add femininity to straight “rectangles”.