Women's Sweaters in the UK

Perfect for multi-layered outfits, sweaters and cardigans will help you live through a colder season and enjoy cool spring and summer evenings to the full, while still sticking to your unique style. Fluffy angora sweaters, knitted cowl neck sweaters, V-neck loose jumpers, lightweight and flowing cotton cardigans or warm wool wraps, all of this and even more is included in our newest assortment of sweaters and cardigans. We have chunky, oversized and off-shoulder models for those who are into casual comfort and body-fitting items for sleeker and more formal looks.

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Sweaters and Jumpers Warm, timeless, and incredibly practical, a sweater is an ideal piece of clothes come winter. Besides, it’s very versatile and perfectly matches different styles, which makes it an easy choice when you do not know what to wear. What’s more, it’s super comfortable. Coming with long sleeves and made of knit or wool, sweaters virtually wrap in comfort, protecting you from the cold. Are there any other reasons to wear a sweater? Sure! Quite a few, in fact. - First things first, because sweaters and jumpers are available in various designs, it is easy to choose the one that will best express your character and help you stand out from the crowd. - Also, sweaters are not expensive (at least, not all of them). Thus, you should have no problem finding a sweater that will ideally fit you and won’t cost an arm and a leg. - Sweaters are universal. In fact, they are one of those few garments that can often be seen both in some relaxing settings and in business/work environments, which indicates how easily they can be adapted to different circumstances. - Jumpers and sweaters are also ecological. Most of these pieces are made of organic wool of sheep, alpaca, mohair, viscose, polyester, etc. Which model to choose? If you prefer classic, the best model for your sweater would be the one that has the box or straight cut. This model is easy to recognise due to its simple linear shape and fitted sleeves. Classic models are suitable for men and for women and can be worn with pretty much any garment, be it a skirt, trousers, jeans, or culottes. However, despite their seamless simplicity, these sweaters aren’t plain and offer quite a number of neck choices to let you choose the one that best flatters your silhouette: V-neck, round neck, trucker collar, hooded collar, boat neck, turtleneck, crew neck, etc. Bat models are back in fashion too. As it can be guessed from the name, these models of sweaters have sleeves that look similar to the wings of bats. They look elegant and trendy and ideally complement trousers and skirts. The poncho is another model of sweater that is vogue today. It is the only cut that can be sleeveless and the only one that ideally flatters all figures.