Women's Legwear in the UK

Legwear is something that can help you finish your image or give it some specific touch. And if you plan to wear a dress, skirt or shorts on those chilly days in a mid-season, tights and stockings will be an indispensable part of your wear. In our newest edit of hosiery, we've collected the seasonal legwear hits to make you look trendy and feel comfy. We have opaque tights in different colours and shades from classic black to bright purple to mix a range of casual looks as well as a choice of sheer and seamed tights for sleek business outfits and a number of hold-ups, stockings, and fishnet tights for refined and detailed evening looks.

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Dress Up Your Legs in Style Tights and pantyhose, stockings and hold-ups, altogether called hosiery or legwear, are essential details of women’s outfits you’ll find in a wardrobe of literally any gal, be it a teenager or a mid-aged lady. And that’s for a good reason. These little handy clothing items help complete and refine many skirt and dress based images and make those outfits not only appropriate for different occasions but also wearable in different seasons. Notably, stockings have been around for many decades while tights are an invention of the modern fashion industry. Today hosiery is pretty versatile and comes in a range of styles, deniers, colours, and even patterns. And a lady should definitely have a number of pairs to mix a variety of looks. Thus, stockings are an expressly feminine detail of the lady’s wardrobe with a strong flair of sexiness and seductiveness. If you plan to invite your date for a “cup of coffee” after dinner and want to look special for your partner, there is hardly anything that can surpass a pair of sheer seamed stockings teamed with a suspender belt. For more common wear, when you need something practical to couple with an office skirt or dress, hold-ups will match that purpose just right. Fitted with an elastic band to keep stockings in place, they will save you the need to wear a suspender and neatly cover your legs. It’s a perfect option to keep up with the business style dress code on those hot summer days. Meanwhile, tights are comfortable all-season favs. You can select between light sheer models for warmer days and dense opaque pantyhose for a chilly season. When it comes to hosiery colour, your choice is limited only by your style. With that, the models in black and nude are absolute must-haves for any wardrobe since they match pretty much any style. However, selecting nude colours, try to match them maximum close to your skin colour for a natural look. Bright-coloured tights are also in trend for several seasons in a row. If you are bold enough to mix it into your outfits, remember to opt for darker and deeper colours if you seek to make your legs slimmer and longer and avoid wearing tights and shoes of the same colour.