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When it comes to blending on-trend looks, proper accessories can make all the difference. Thus, a catchy golden belt and bronze bracelets will add elegance and a dash of sleek style to a minimalistic nude bodycon dress while a restrained black belt and a purse will balance bold animal prints. Hats and scarves, bags and purses, belts and ties, glasses and watches, earrings, rings, and bracelets, we have them in numbers to make your outfits special and unique. You can find all this and more in our latest collection of modern accessories to introduce individual chic to your wardrobe.

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Accessorise Your Style Though accessories are not as independent and self-contained as some clothing items, they cannot be neglected and overlooked if you seek to set up your individual style and create unique looks. However, accessories, be it small earrings and a bracelet or designer glasses and a purse, can both accentuate and blur your style or make you look flashy or slandy. Hence, not to cross that fine line between adding a kind of zest to your style and going overboard, all accessories should be properly selected and matched. And you don’t have to purchase an abundance of details to suit each and every ensemble in your wardrobe. It is enough to get several items you'll be able to juggle with and build into different images. So, what are the accessory must-haves a gal can’t do without? Well, the basic rule here is to work out synergy. All accessories should seamlessly blend with your clothing and work to set up a well-tuned and balanced image. If you go for bright or patterned garments, break that colour splash with more restrained accessories. And vice versa, if you dress up in neutral, solid and classy colours, you can play up with bolder and more vivid details. As far as jewellery is considered, the proverbial “diamonds are best girl’s friends” will always loom large, yet, precious stones and noble metals are not necessary to add some chic and glamour to your image. Not to clutter your look, try to limit the number of jewellery items you don and avoid wearing rings, earrings, a necklace and a bracelet all at once. A wristwatch is a kind of all-embracing accessory that perfectly blends with sporty, casual, and business outfits. Yet, combining it with evening gowns is not an option. It will make you look tacky, unless it is some type of exquisite model reminding a piece of jewellery. With handbags and purses, gone are those days when they had to match your footwear. Step away from those fashion cliches and try contrasts. Wear dark shoes with light bags and other way round to give your look a personal touch. Gloves and scarves are those clothing details that are often underestimated. Yet, they can help set the right emphasis and, paired with modern glasses, lend a dash of style and luxury. To make your outfit complete, match gloves or scarf with your belt, handbag, shoes, or even your lipstick.