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No other garment looks as flattering as a dress. Available in a wide variety of styles, dresses are very feminine, elegant and sexy. From posh soirees and other black-tie affairs to hot dates and walking out with friends, there is a dress for any occasion. And our wide selection of dresses will get you covered no matter the situation. We offer you gorgeous cocktail dresses, formal gowns, lace maxi dresses, flirty minis, playful bodycon dresses, elegant off-the-shoulder attires, casual denim dresses, and many more styles.

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How to Choose Your Perfect Dress Just like diamonds, dresses are a girl's best friend and an integral part of the closet. Created to trim feminine beauty, they make girls look sexy, appealing, charming, sensual, delicate, and ladylike. Hence, despite late trends adopting menswear practicality and comfort in women’s fashion, dresses do not go anywhere and remain a staple perfectly suitable for all occasions. Here are short guides on how to select a dress that will keep you on the comfortable side while boosting your self-confidence. Generally, there are three basic things to consider: the type of event or occasion, your personal style, and dress fit. When it comes to the type of event, it goes without saying that outfits for work, cocktail parties, or a shopping day call for different types of gowns. While some occasions have strict dress codes limiting your choice to formal or evening dresses, others might simply require a sleek and neat look or leave it all to you due to a high degree of casualty. Yet, whether you are in search of a prom dress or looking for yet another beach frock, never choose anything that is not you. A dress should reflect your personality and individual style vision and should never make you feel uneasy. Choosing the dress cut and fit is hands down the hardest part for all gals, which is no wonder. There are so many dress designs and iterations that it is very easy to get lost and stuck. However, if you know your body shape, choosing a gown that will complement your figure and accentuate its fortes while masterfully hiding some shortcomings will be way easier. Hourglass shapes with good symmetric proportions can afford nearly any dress and form-fitting and figure-hugging designs such as bodycons, pencil, sheath, and wrap dresses will show the best of their well-balanced curves. Pear shapes with wider hips and narrower shoulders will benefit from waist-defining designs and flowy lines such as shift and A-line dresses as well as fit-and-flare dresses in maxi length. Apple-shaped bodies with larger midsections need to draw attention away from the torso and create a more defined waistline. Loose flowy tunics, A-line dresses, skater dresses, and models with full skirts will look most flattering on apples. Besides, to avoid added bulkiness, it’s better to wear short and midi lengths. Sporty rectangles lacking some curves need to choose the gowns that will work to enhance femininity and create an illusion of slightly fuller shapes. Skater dresses, asymmetrical dresses, halter-neck dresses, and wrap dresses will fit that purpose. By and large, when choosing a dress, you need to target an hourglass balance and proportions. And if you are petite, seek some elongating effect and be very careful with maxi lengths because they can make petite girls look even shorter.