10 Nov 2020

A Collection of the Most Gorgeous All White Party Outfits for Women

Gorgeous All White Party Outfits

You could be the bravest of souls, unafraid of any contest and always eager to take on a new challenge. But are you brave enough to look at an RSVP that says “white attire only” without getting slightly anxious or full-on stressed out? Didn’t think so. But don’t worry – these jitters are perfectly normal. 

Sure, for some people, choosing the right outfit wouldn’t be much of a challenge as they aren’t fond of bright colours to begin with, more often than not opting for something that isn’t as in-your-face as out-there as its more colourful ensembles.

But most require a little help and teeny tiny drop of inspiration and that’s what we’re here for. Whether you’re looking to attend a chic cocktail party on top of a rooftop or a much more casual scene with an all-white dress code, there’s an outfit out there for you. 


Dress is everything. Even if you consider yourself the most casual, easy-going girl, there’s no way in hell you don’t have at least a couple of nice dresses that you can throw on for a classy night out or an important occasion. Besides, there are so many options to choose from. 

You can always go old-school with an elegant classy dress, the kind that goes all the way to your knees, features a modest yet intriguing neckline, and maybe a nice little fabric belt. Of course, you can always go in a completely opposite direction. A loose, lacy style dress will help you project ethereal vibes, perfect for a beach party or a wine bar. 

An anti-body-con silhouette makes for perfect summer attire. Pair a white dress like that with strappy heels and your look will have an equally effortless and chic feel to it. If you feel like a plain white dress is just too boring for you, don’t hesitate to liven it up with a touch of frill.


An outdoor summer party is the bee’s knees, as Brits like to say. The best part? There are virtually no limitations. Aside from the occasional white dress code, you can put on whatever you want. So why not shorts? They’ll let you show a decent amount of skin and flaunt that summer body that you’ve been working on.

Plus, the right pair of white shorts can be surprisingly versatile. A nonapologetic crop top? Go for it. A nice white blouse? You know it! 

By the way, nobody’s saying that shorts only belong to a casual shindig or a simple beach party. Add a nice pair of low heels, a nice blazer and you’ll be able to lock that fancy look that will definitely turn a few heads at a posh cruise ship party. 


Jumpsuits are always in. As a one-piece item that is easy to wear, the right white jumpsuit will work at any party event. For a formal affair with a strict dress code, there’s nothing quite like a white tailored suit with, say, a beautiful bow feature. 

That said, a statement feature like that requires a certain attention to details. If you don’t try to keep your accessories and shoes simple, you likely won’t be able to pull off a chic look. 

Alternatively, you can always go with something that’s a bit less high-maintenance and a tad more comfortable. A white jumpsuit with high neck top and tailored trousers will often look as fly as the next dress and be able to make for a stunning outfit.

Skirt and Top

Nothing says “summer” more than a cute white skirt and a nice top. What makes these two-piece combinations work is just how flexible they allow you to be. Want to gather a few looks, be the centre of attention, and wow the next party? A bralette crop top and a pencil skirt will do the trick. It will give you serious sex appeal and you‘ll always have the option to class it up and take it down a notch with a nice blazer. 

White is the color of business. Sure, there’s nothing “business” about a crop top. But add to it a midi skirt and you’ll have yourself a swanky outfit that will help you create a classy impression for a chic social gathering. 

Again, it is all about the flexibility. Even if your skirt and top are a two-piece item, you can always separate them and mix things up. This way, you’ll be able to create a bunch of different outfits for future parties. 

Plus, the combination leaves a lot of room for accessories. As you know, white works with everything. Want to spice things up? Put on statement shoes and the right bag, preferably something with an unusual shape or a striking feature, anything that will help you project the desired image. 

It doesn’t have to be particularly prominent. You can always play it safe, slap on a pair of comfy sneakers, a casual low-profile skirt, and a t-shirt for top. But don’t be afraid to mix it up either. There’s nothing sexier than a pencil skirt. 

But if that’s not what you’re going for, just balance it out with a cropped tee and you’ll have an outfit that is neither too formal nor too casual.

Conversely, if you feel like these clothes don’t do you justice, there’s always the option of glamming it up with high heels or wedges. 


We did say earlier that nothing says “summer” quite like a skirt and a nice top. But that’s only because a blouse isn’t as much of a seasonal piece. On the contrary, a nice white blouse works for just about any type of party. 

Besides, every white party is usually brimming with ladies in a nice dress or a subtle jumpsuit. Want to stand out? Show up in a power suit. The timelessness of a suit like that allows you to make sexy and bold appearance. 

Sure, a power suit isn’t inherently feminine. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Plus, that’s exactly where a blouse comes in. A romantic one, with ruffles, a sizable fashion necklace, and a sleek updo. It will complete the suit and make sure you attract the right kind of attention. 


No outfit is complete without a pair of shoes. Though they might not seem like the centrepiece of the whole ensemble, the right pair of shoes can make the outfit as much as the wrong pair can break it. You should choose your shoes wisely. As it is always the case, a lot depends on the type of party. 

If it is an all white summer inspired event or a beach party, you can’t go wrong with regular wedges or sandals. The dress code seldom extends to the shoes, so consider spicing up your white outfit with skin-toned shoes.

Understated elegance is always in fashion. And nothing will help you complete a look like that better than a nice pair of strappy heels or pumps. Again, they probably don’t have to be white. You can go for the ones that are in nude or beige. 

There are times for modesty and then there are times for making an unforgettable impression and grabbing everyone’s attention at a lavish party. But, to do that, aside from the right top and bottom (or an appropriate dress), you’ll need the right pair of shoes. More specifically, white pumps with a silver touch or stilettos, just the thing you need to glam it up. 

If there’s one thing we recommend – try to stay away from the footwear that might make you look short, especially if you happen to be on the taller side of the height spectrum. We all love our white trainers but they work best with a colourful outfit, which isn’t an option at an all white party. 

Of course, we aren’t saying that you ought to put on a pair of strappy heels to a casual shindig or, god forbid, to a beach party. At the end of the day, these are the parties where practicality and comfort should take priority. 

But do not underestimate the power of heels. A pair of those beautiful gladiator sandals, with straps that wrap all the way up to your knees, will be able to transform even the most practical-looking outfit into a sexy party attire.


Accessories that go with white outfits

The best thing about white outfits is that they make for a perfect canvas that you can use to display all of your favourite accessories. Of course, balance is still the key here.

A chic hotel rooftop party or a yacht party demand a chic appearance. So don’t shy away from glamming it up with lots of jewellery, preferably gold. If you’re wearing a dress with a low cut, you can’t go wrong with a plunging necklace.

As far as bags are concerned, we like to stick with a clutch that features a shoulder or wrist strap. This way, you’ll be able to keep your hands free. There are plenty of different options to choose from, so you’ll always be able to find a fitting purse. You can use sparkles and glitter to give your look some extra depth. But if your outfit already includes a statement feature, you might want to keep your accessories simple. Same goes for the scarf (or lack thereof).

 Your White

Choose your shade of white

Thought that your colour coordination anxiety is over just because you were invited to an all white party? Think again. 

Sure, it is far easier to pick the right outfit or create a fitting ensemble when your colour options are slightly limited. But white still has shades to it and it is important to choose the shade that meshes with your skin tone. 

Bright, crisp whites will work wonders for women with pale skin. On the other hand, women with darker skin tones will be better off with an off-white party outfit or something more ivory.

Beach Party Ideas

Now, this is where it gets interesting. See, beach party equals summer. Summer equals heat. And heat equals certain outfit ideas are simply out of the question. No matter how much you love it, showing up to a beach party in a blazer and a pair of closed-toe wedges is seldom a good idea. 

Don’t get us wrong though. We aren’t saying that your options will be limited. On the contrary, there’s a nice variety of beach party outfits that most ladies will be able to effortlessly pull off.

First things first, we need to figure out how strict the dress code is. An all white party is well and good but if white is more of the main theme than a requirement, we would recommend mixing a white top with a denim bottom. 

For example, a simple white lace cropped top with lace denim shorts is always a good choice. You throw in your flip flops into the mix and there you have it – an outfit for a party that is equally comfortable and sexy and those two don’t often go together. 

As an alternative for a slightly colder day, you can switch the shorts for a pair of ripped skinny jeans. With casual jeans, your top options are practically limitless. But we’d suggest keeping the laced top. The right item will make you look modest and sexy at the same time. They come in a variety of different designs with various patterns. There’s a certain mysteriousness to them that always attracts the opposite sex. Plus, they have that breathability that is so important for a beach party in the summer.