18 Nov 2020

Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

Beach wedding guest outfit ideas

Though you might not have been invited to the seaside weddings of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard or Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, being invited to such a wedding is a huge thing. However, as much as this all might be exciting and alluring, there’s a dress code and a few rules that should be followed in order to look gorgeous, feel comfortable, yet fit in perfectly at such an event.

Maxi Dresses

If you’ve opened your invitation and it indicates that you should wear formal attire, then it will be best to go with an elegant, maxi dress. Consider dresses in colours like turquoise, terra cotta, lime green, aquamarine, or something in sand or bright tangerine, all of those options will perfectly reflect the surrounding beauty and ideally blend with the atmosphere of the event.

As far as fabrics go, we recommend setting your eyes on light, flowy and breathable dresses. Something like linen, satin, sheer, or lace composed of metallic fibres will be appropriate and let you remain comfortable on the beach. To complete your look and fit in the formality of the dress code, the best solution would be to wear a pair of closed type shoes with a chunky heel. Unlike classy stilettos, these shoes exude a resort mood and will let you move freely without getting sunk in the sand.

Floaty Dresses

For semi-formal parties, you may want to consider a beachy kind of dress, something with a high split revealing your legs, made of floaty materials like silk, for example, linen, chiffon, or organza. A long or tea-length floaty dress will ideally mimic the setting softly rustling in tune with the gushing of the water. 

Flowy gowns don’t look casual and ideally transition to a reception held at a swanky restaurant at the seashore. The loose flowy shape of this dress flatters all body types and feels very comfortable while letting you stay on the sophisticated side. Want to highlight your femininity? Opt for a flowy maxi dress with some detail - pleats, ruffles, tiers, straps, or a drawstring waist, all of these things work as a great embellishment piece and can up your elegance.

Tropical Dresses

Want to stand up from the crowd? Wear a long gown with a tropical print. Launched by Jenifer Lopez at the Versace runway this year, this trend stays strong and has shown in designer fashion collections of not only Versace but also Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vitton, Fendi, and many others. Dresses with joyous florals and tropical elements look stylish and will ideally go with the beach theme, especially if the ceremony is held in some tropical place. 

If the party doesn’t imply formal dressing, you are free to choose any of your favourite cocktail dresses you’d normally wear to a special event. Cocktail beach wedding attire is more relaxed than any other but it still calls for a dressy, festive look. Opt for a summer dress of a tea-length or knee-length in bolder colours, made of luxe, breezy materials, and complete your look with a small clutch bag and a nice pair of shoes - ballet flats, gladiator sandals, or low-heeled shoes will all work and look stylish and beach-appropriate.

Wedding beach parties are pretty special with their freedom, originality, and eccentricity merging traditional and non-traditional styles, settings, and venue ideas. Naturally, it can be quite tempting to go with something extravagant and bold. However, remember, as with everything, no matter the dress style, your outfit should be polished and classy, otherwise, you risk looking like a black sheep in the herd on the beach. 

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