18 Nov 2020
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How to Wear Boots With Jeans

Styling Boots With Jeans

Jeans and booties are a classic staple combo for a colder season. And while pairing your favourite jeans with a pair of boots seems naturally simple, it is not so in practice. Given the number of modern boots and jeans designs and styles, this proverbial duo might appear quite a tricky one to match. While some jeans styles look perfect with ankle-length hems, others shine when mixed with wide-leg models. 

What booties fit different kinds of jeans? Should I tuck jeans down into the booties? When and how should I cuff? If you are far from being a fashion expert and got stuck on what boots to mix your best pair of denim with, we are here to help. Let’s look into the most popular types of jeans and see how they bundle with boots.

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Skinny Jeans With Ankle Boots

Pretty much any gal has skinny jeans in her wardrobe. Snugly hugging your curves, they have some sort of shaping effect and offer great compatibility options pairing with a whole variety of tops, accessories, outerwear, and footwear. Speaking of which, skinny jeans or any slim-leg denim pair styled with ankle booties is a truly seamless combo. Yet, in contrast to a common assumption that you should stick the hem down into the boots, those tight jeans will look their best when the hem so to say grazes or hardly touches the top of the boots and showing off some skin is allowed. With that, if your jeans are too long, you can simply cuff the hem. And the type of cuff (smaller or thicker) depends on the design of your ankle boots that come with different types of heels and feature different material textures.

High-Heel Ankle Boots With Skinny Jeans

High heels are certainly appealing. Enabling you to carry yourself with grace, heels make your whole figure look more balanced and refined. The same is true for high-heeled ankle boots as well. And if you want to step out in confidence and comfort while emanating sexiness and style, skinny jeans with high-heel ankle boots are a bingo option. Pointed-tip stilettos in animal print paired with sleek black jeans sitting tight on your hips and legs set up a killer look worth both a disco night and a day at work, depending on what you’ll wear on the top. Meanwhile, block heels in solid colour leather with jeans in classic navy blue will let you run errands in style. The basic tip here is to leave a “strip” of bare skin between the jeans hem and the top of the boots. 

Skinny Jeans With Wedge Booties

Skinny jeans are good for all heeled boot styles and wedges are not an exception. With an appeal of heels and comfort of flats, wedge booties have great styling potential. If you play a contrast game and choose to wear light boots with dark jeans or vice versa, you can tuck the jeans’ hem in the boots. However, if you create a monochromatic look, let the hem graze over the top of the boots to avoid your legs looking like pillars. Wedges also look great with distressed jeans for more relaxed dressed-down outfits. 

Cropped Jeans With Ankle Boots

Cropped trousers styles have remained a fashion hit for a few seasons in a row. Casual jeans with a cropped hem are widely loved by street stylists and сelebs. A hot fashionista in Sex and the City show, Sara Jessica Parker is a fashion monger in her ordinary life as well. If you wonder how to style cropped jeans with boots, get inspired by her look built around classy black jeans and fancy booies!

Usually coming in high-waist straight-leg design, those cropped jeans keep you on a trendy edge without compromising your comfort. And if you're looking for the best footwear to match your cropped pair for a winter season, you can’t go wrong with ankle booties. To look fashion-forward, though, avoid high heels and too sophisticated designs. Stick to flat ankle boots or those with lower block heels and platforms. Cropped jeans design is good for showing off your statement boots, so, don’t hesitate to wear prints and bright colours.  

Rolled-up Jeans With Ankle Boots

Rolled-up or cuffed jeans can be anything from classic straight-leg models to skinny jeans to more casual mom and boyfriend fits. Styling a pair of rolled-up jeans, you are free to juggle with different ankle boot designs. Both killer heel, wedges, comfy flats, and even some more rugged or chunkier styles like lace-up boots and hiking or walking boots will do. Thus, rolled-up straight jeans in some classic denim colour can easily bring you either to work when coupled with understated leather Chealseas and a tailored jacket or to a weekend around the city when mixed with relaxed lace-up booties and a puffer coat.  

Straight Leg Jeans With Ankle Boots

Straight-leg jeans are a timeless denim staple that may vary among modern brands. To put it right, today, the straight-leg design ranges from stretchy models closely hugging the hips and legs without fitting tight on the ankle to pairs with a consistent leg width all the way from thighs to the hem. Straight jeans are normally worn longer, which means there is no need to cuff the hem. This type of cut with a wider leg opening will let you wear jeans with the hem over the top of the boots. Classy oxfords or Chelsea boots, as well as cowboy-style booties or any pair with slightly pointed tips and block heels, will seamlessly bundle with straight jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans With Ankle Boots

Throwing you back to the 90s, slouchy and relaxed boyfriend jeans are an absolute fave of many modern fashionistas. And the star of Friends Jennifer Aniston is among them. She hits the streets wearing loose white boyfriends and a men's syle black blazer, which is yet another hot seasonal trend. 

Available in both classic indigo coloured designs and expressly casual ripped or distressed styles, boyfriend jeans offer a whole number of combos to hit the street fashion or nail down a laid-back off-duty look. Ideal with flats or sandals in summer, boyfriend jeans make best friends with ankle boots for a winter season. More casual boot designs will surely work better for boyfriend jeans to stick to the overall style. Classy Chelseas, cowboy-inspired booties, and lace-up models are highly recommended.  

Jeggings With Boots

Standing in between jeans and leggings, jeggings provide the best of both worlds. These pants are shape-forming like jeans and stretchy and tight-fitting like leggings. By and large, jeggings work with boots in the same way as skinny jeans. So, they bundle both with ankle boots, calf boots, and high boots of various styles, heeled and flat, slouchy and sleek ones. While ankle boots still need some hint of bare skin to be left above the top of the boot, with jeggings that are very skinny around the ankle, you can tuck the hem in. The same goes for high boots and footwear with wider leg openings.  

High-Waisted Jeans With Boots

High-waisted jeans are a solid seasonal hit and for a good reason. High waistline lends a strong waist-cinching effect and helps balance an overall silhouette by making it look longer and slimmer. Modern high-waist denim models come in a variety of designs ranging from eye-catching skinnies to classic straight pairs to trendy cropped jeans, boyfriends, and mom jeans. With that, your choice of booties totally depends on the jeans design and varies from high heels to classy flat ankle boots to taller booties fitted to the calf or below-the-knee models with slouchy boot shafts.  

Were any of these tips useful? We hope very much they were! Get creative, draw inspiration from our celebrities' looks, and look your best wearing this hot and comfy duo!