30 Dec 2020

How to Wear Chelsea Boots: Ideas for Women

Styling Chelsea Boots

A staple for autumn and winter, Chelsea boots or simply chelseas are a piece of time-honoured classics. The style throws us back to the Victorian era when Chelsea boots were worn by men and women alike. And we must say that nothing has changed these days except that today's chelseas have transformed from traditionally flat-sole boots with rounded toes into many modern iterations. Now, you can find these ankle boots in any design from sophisticated classy models with pointed toes and elegant heels to military-style chunky tractor treads which are the hottest seasonal hit and anything in between to meet both casual and more elevated outfits. 

What makes Chealse boots so much loved is not only the ultimate comfort they offer but also their exceptional wearability potential. Jeans or trousers, skirts or dresses, suits or shorts, chealseas will make friends with all of them and can become one of the hardest working footwear in your wardrobe. So, whether you already own a pair of Chelsea boots or are just about to buy one, see how you can wear it in style this season.

Chelsea Boots With Jeans

If you wonder how to wear shoes with skinny jeans, you can never go wrong by sticking to Chelseas. These items effortlessly complement each other. Nothing is as relaxed, comfy, and stylish as a pair of classic chelseas with high-rise skinnies in traditional denim blue and a long cashmere coat atop. A knitted top tucked into jeans will finalise the look good for casual daywear and smart casual office style. 

To give that classy booties-and-skinnies combo a bolder twist, bundle it with a cropped high-neck knit and a rock-style leather biker jacket or bomber.

With Trousers

When it comes to trousers, dare to break a staple office outfit made up by straight trousers and traditional chelseas in leather and wear those work-appropriate grey masculine-like trousers tucked into high chunky-sole chelseas in patent leather. A roll-neck jumper on the top will nail down the whole and can still bring you to the office if your workwear dress code is not strict. 

To give the same booties an edgy twist, be bold enough to wear them with cargo trousers and a padded coat. Light trouser and coat shades will make the whole outfit less boring and more interesting while a fitted turtleneck in black will balance the whole look and pull it together. 

With Skirts

For many gals, the hardest part is pulling off the complete look with flat-sole chelseas. Well, the latest fashion trends are less demanding and lean to more off-duty and low-profile vibes. Thus, you are pretty much free to mix different textures, fabrics, and styles. For example, you’ll hit the fashion edge and look smart by teaming a sleek black blazer with a flirty polka-dot maxi skirt and casual chelseas. Black and white palette makes the whole look refined while a chunky belt adds structure and a high slit on the skirt balances the image vertically. In the meantime, grungy chelseas in white leather are expressly chic with black socks peeking above the ankle line.  

If you want to play it safe, Chelsea boots seamlessly match denim skirts. Thus, a faded blue denim skirt in mini will dilute the monochrome all-black ensemble of chelseas, an oversized leather jacket, and a tee. A sporty belt will better define the waistline and perfectly syncs with the whole outfit style. 

With Dresses

If you are a “dress-type” of gal, Chelsea boots will add to your wardrobe too. These booties are good both for casual and comfy knits and for feminine and romantic frock iterations for you to spin your gown-based outfits all year round. Just look how block-heeled pointed-toe chelseas polish the combo of a funky biker jacket and a delicate linen dress with a flared hem. With a dash of masculinity to it, the whole look is very lady-like. 

Yet another go-to for the colder season is mixing Chelseas boots with sweater dresses. These outfits are simple, comfortable, warm, and appropriate for different occasions from city commutes to lunch with friends and shopping tours on weekends. Thus, an orange high-neck knit looks complete with glossy black chelseas and a matching small shoulder bag. 

In this look, the brutality of massive tractor tread Chelseas booties and a moto jacket is subtly feminised with a flirty ruffled polka-dot gown in a midi length. That’s a perfect example of the stylish fusion so much favoured by recent fashion tendencies.  

With Suits

Wonder how to make a classy trouser coord less formal and more trendy? Wear it with casual high Chelseas boots on chunky tractor platforms with the trouser edges tucked into the booties. It’s the latest casual chic that will give a common suit in neutral beige a bold spin. 

And if you are into fashion experiments and are brave enough to strut in colour, a bright blue suit with the same booties will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Besides, you are free to break this outfit into parts and effortlessly build all garments into a range of other fashion-forward looks. 

With Shorts

Shorts are no longer bound by the limits of beach clothing and sportswear and are really trending right now. And no fashionista will miss leather Bermudas this season. Wear them with rugged mid-calf chelseas on a platform and a bright yellow crop top to stand on the fashion edge. 

In the meantime, sporty black cycling shorts with those leg-cut platform chelseas will give a bold twist to a classy black blazer in a bit loose cut. And a neutral hoodie perfectly pulls those contrasting garments together in a street-chic look. 

Heeled Chelsea Boots

Heeled chelseas are comfortable, stylish, and very elegant at the same time. A pair of heels in snakish print will break down the monochrome black outfit and make black jeans and a long black coat look less mundane and more fashionable.

Mixing prints is also allowed. Just try to stick to the same colour palette. Greyish heeled chelseas in snake print make a vintage polka dot dress in chiffon look differently. And a grey structured blazer makes the whole look complete.

By and large, Chelsea boots are quite easy to style since they work with almost anything and can be easily built into any style. With that, though, the abundance of options might be often even more confusing. So, hopefully, our article will help you follow the seasonal fashion trends and get you set with your Chelsea boot outfits for this winter.