04 Jan 2021
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How to Wear Crop Tops

Best ideas how to style crop tops

Believe it or not, but crop tops are a universal piece that can flatter any body type when styled in the right manner. If you are wondering how to wear them to look chic and stylish, we’ve come up with some of the best crop top outfit ideas that will remove any perplexities and let you stand out from the crowd. 

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A Quick Look at the History of Crop Tops

Crop top origins

With all the throwbacks to the ‘80s and ‘90s trending right now, it is not surprising that crop tops have made a comeback to the world fashion scene. However, what might be surprising is that the crop has been around for much longer than that, with its history viewing towards 1893, when Badia Masabni, Egyptian cabaret owner, first showed up wearing a crop top at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. To add more, the crop was also immensely popular among men. This trend got rise in the early ‘80s when football jerseys started to deliberately cut their tops in order to expose their chiselled abs and torsos. Not only jerseys, though. Remember Rocky films? Yup, you’re right. Silvester Stallone and Carl Weathers wore crop tops while working out as well. What happened next? Since then, the society has undergone a lot of changes and what was considered beautiful and sexy just a few years ago very soon could put the masculinity at doubt, which made many men reject wearing crop tops. With women though, things aren’t the same. Loved and followed by thousands of women worldwide, the trend of crop tops holds strong and won’t go anywhere any time soon. 

Crop Top Outfits With Denim

Ripped Jeans

Crop tops with jeans are a timeless duo that will never go out fashion. It looks classy, stylish, chic and seductive baring just a small strip of your skin. What’s more, it is flattering for every body type, regardless of whether you have ripped abs or there is some volume around your hips. Need proofs? Take a look at Kourtney Kardashian. The owner of a few clothing lines and one of the curviest bodies in the USA, she knows her stuff. The way she teams up a white long sleeve crop top with ripped light blue jeans and high heels making her silhouette appear slimmer and taller than it really is, speaks better than any proof.

Wide-Leg Jeans

To make your look more interesting and add an edge to it, follow Beyonce’s example and wear a black crop top blazer with blue wide-leg jeans. This combo looks casual yet chic and will expose just the right amount of skin, accentuating your waistline. And if you’d like to add some height to your look, make sure to wear heels.


Just like wear-leg jeans, boyfriends make a perfect match with a crop top. You can team them up with a pair of trainers and a statement bag when going down the street. Or you can layer the crop up with your favourite blazer if you’d like to tone it down a bit for an office-appropriate look. Complement your look with bright animal print shoes and you’re sure to turn heads as you go.

High Waisted Jeans

The easiest way to rock a crop top is by wearing it with high waisted jeans. These jeans are not only extremely stylish and trendy, but they also will help accentuate your waist and “remove” a few inches in a snap. What’s more, they work in pretty much all colour ensembles. Thus, no matter which crop top colour or style you choose, matched with a pair of blue or black jeans, your outfit will look cool. 

Want some ready styling ideas? Draw inspiration from Alessandro Ambrosio! The angel of Victoria’s Secrets and a real dare-devil in real life, the model isn't afraid to experiment with her looks, so she goes with bold red high waisted jeans, a matching jacket, and a white crop, thus, making a loud statement and screaming confidence. 

Styling Crop Tops With Shorts

Cycling Shorts

Another revival piece from the ‘90s and something most people could not have associated with a fashion piece a few years ago, cycling shorts have become a staple piece offering you tons of cool ideas for how to wear your capsule wardrobe. In general, they work perfectly with pretty much everything - from fitted tops to relaxed T-shirts, loose tanks, sweaters, and sportswear. Do they work with crop tops? Better than you’d think! All you need is to choose a crop top of the right length so that it reveals just as much of your stomach as you want and you’re good to go. For a sleek, figure-flattering, opt for a black colour gamut, and if you don’t want to draw too much attention to your top, layer it up with a blazer - red, white, beige, blue, you choose the colour, anything bright will work a treat.

Black Shorts

Do we even need to say it? Black shorts are the most versatile piece of clothing that can walk you from summer to winter and let you comfortably step into spring. The beauty of these shorts is that they suit all body types and can be mixed with all kinds of tops and outerwear for creating transitional looks, perfectly suitable for colder months and for summertime at the beach. Take a leaf out of Vanessa Hudgens’ look! A big fan of shorts, the actress wears sliders, black shorts and a sheer black crop top, layering a beige blazer over it - the outfit that will look right when running errands and when heading for the beach.

Crop Tops With Skirts


If you want to stay feminine and modest without revealing too much flesh, try combining a tie-front top with a midi skirt in a similar or matching colour. The former will cover more skin showing just a small strip of skin, while the latter will take attention away from the crop bringing focus to the curves of your hips. To see how this outfit will work, take a glimpse at Blake Lively! Known for her impeccable sense of style, the actress, and a glamorous Gossip Girl, simply nails the look!  

Blue Skirt and Blue Crop Top

Are you a fan of co-ord ensembles? Well, we are, too! In addition to solving the issue of struggling to combine two pieces in your wardrobe, they look extremely beautiful and fashion-forward. Moreover, they are very easy to assemble! Just pair a crop top of your favourite colour with a matching midi skirt and you’ve got yourself a fashionable two-piece set. Personally, we’re absolutely in love with Priyanka’s look. By choosing a blue skirt with a blue top in satin fabric, her outfit brings a spell of summer, reflecting its beautiful sky and beach mood. And it needs nothing else - except for a light blazer if it is a bit chilly outside. 


Looking for an inspiration outfit idea to wear a pencil skirt with a crop top? Well, you can't go wrong by opting for blacks! Black is not only classic but also chic, sexy, and flattering for any figure. Besides, it is very easy to accessorise. So, if you decide to lighten up your look a bit, you can always add a nice piece of jewellery - a gold necklace, bracelet or earrings, grab a metallic gold clutch and wear a pair of statement-making open-toe heeled sandals. 

Crop Tops With Trousers

Wide Leg Trousers

Though you wouldn’t normally think of wearing a crop top to some formal affair, it can actually work, if styled right (stress put here). All you need is to make sure that your top isn’t too short and wear some nice, loose trousers, preferably with a high waist. Now, if it is not a business meeting and you’ve got a beautiful, slim and fit body that you don't mind showing off, why not follow in the steps of Nicole Scherzinger and show some flash of flesh? A tiny crop top combined with wide leg high waisted trousers looks dashing and simply gorgeous. 

Straight Leg Trousers

Not only wide-leg trousers go with crop tops though. Another sought-after combination that will look flattering and seductive while also keeping you on the sophisticated side is a skimpy lace black top with straight leg trousers. An outfit like this promises balanced proportions, feels comfortable, and will let you stand ahead of the curve. You can pair it with a stylish blazer if you’re planning a night out or go with your favourite denim jacket for a more laid-back look.


Now if you seek comfort and are looking for an easy autumn outfit, joggers should be your go-to option. This piece looks absolutely fantastic with activity wear such as sweaters and hoodies and can also make a great match with crop tops. And if you’re into monochrome looks, consider pairing a black top with black joggers, black heeled sock boots, and a black coat. This ensemble exudes comfort and is extremely versatile and fashion-forward. 

Obviously, crop tops are a chic fashion staple that will remain the hottest trend this and upcoming year and if you have not been swayed to the cropped side yet, it’s high time to do it right now!