20 Aug 2021
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Monetisation and Earning Tips

While you’re adding new looks to the site, make yourself familiar with a few helpful monetisation and earning tips. These tips will come in handy for both newbies and those users who have already received the status of “blogger” and have a highly engaged audience.

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if you're already in trend, show off your personal style!

First off, let’s break down the key points that will outline the general principles of working with OS. 

  • You can share both your own looks and any other looks that you like from the site. This way, you’ll prompt your audience to buy items from your looks and consequently, increase your revenue. 
  • To share looks, you can copy either a <a href=#>referral link</a> or <a href=#>embed code</a> that can be posted across different websites. 
  • Referral links can be shared across any website or social media that is somehow related to the fashion industry. We recommend you start with the basics and post on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or your website. 
  • There’s no limit as to how many links you can copy and share online. 
  • The more users who visit your page or look and buy something, the higher your revenue will be. 
  • With OS, you can earn from 30% up to 80% of the revenue share for each sold product.

Things You Can Do to Sell More

  1. We recommend adding only high-quality full height photos of yourself, where it’s easy to see the whole outfit. The main idea is to create a live showroom of cute outfits for your audience so that they can buy the same or similar pieces from the partner shops.  
  2. After copying the referral link or embed code, proceed to posting. There are plenty of ways to attract the audience through posting links. Here are the main ones: 

Embed blocks with looks in your articles

This tool enables you to embed the looks from the site into your articles or blogs. Hopefully, it’ll help make your content even more engaging and enticing. This is how it’ll look like

Embed blocks with looks

Add the link to your Instagram page description 

Log into your account and edit personal information by adding the link you’ve copied earlier to the “website” field. 

Adding a lint to your Instagram

Tell your followers about your new page in Stories or better, if the Instagram tools allow, create a Story with the link to the look or blog page.

Post links on Your Facebook page

Copy the link to the look or page you like and post it on your feed. Your followers will see what new items you’ve added recently and have an opportunity to buy the same pieces. It can be a post, a Story or a link in the bio. 

Add links to TikTok

If you’re a TikTok user, add the link to OS in your account description. Mention this link in your fashion videos or video reviews, etc. 

How to Create / Where to Find a Link for Sharing Online?

  1. Open any interesting page or look from the site and click the icon “Link” in the upper right corner.
  2. In the opened window, click the button “Copy link”. 
The icon 'Link' in the left corner

        3. Done! The link has been copied and can be posted. 

Generating a referral link is only possible after posting 18 looks and receiving the status of “blogger”. A link that allows you to generate a referral link will appear under the page description in your personal account.

Generate a referral link

How to Copy the Embed Code for a Blog / Expert Article?

  1. Choose any look page you like.
  2. Click the three dots in the upper right corner, choose Embed, and copy “Embed Code”.
Сopy “Embed Code”

Our rating system allows the most extraordinary and popular looks to be displayed on the main page and to be in trends. Therefore, as a fashion platform, we guarantee you promotion of your looks if they comply with our rules.  

In any case, your revenue will directly depend on you and your activity. Inspire your followers with trendy outfits every day and become a new hero in the world of Fashion!