27 Jan 2021
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Online-Stylist Vs. RewardStyle: Monetise Your Blog

Popular fashion networks you can join

An idea of becoming a fashion influencer might have crossed your mind a couple hundred times in the past, but if you’re still not making money, it means you have not been too serious about it. The good news is, you can change it now! Being a fashion blogger is not only cool but it is also profitable and, if done right, can help you make good money. What are your options? Well, quite a lot. With affiliate marketing growing and confidently walking into all industries, today, everyone can get in on the act and get their share of profit, regardless of whether they have a prior experience in blogging or not. 


But it’s true. 

In this article, we will go over two fashion networks that you can join already today to start building your personal brand and make money.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing

Just before we delve into details, let’s quickly gloss over what affiliate marketing actually is. To put it simply, affiliate marketing is the process of selling other people’s or brands’ things through social media platforms, by which both parties can make money. For bloggers, it’s commission of the sale price, the size of which may vary depending on the company/brand/product/terms and other factors. Essentially, what affiliates do is pick products they like, post them on Instagram or any other social platform and... yup, make money.

The concept is quite simple, but there are a few pitfalls.

The major one is, not all affiliate partners are welcoming new bloggers, narrowing down the pool of partners only to top influencers. Another one is, those who usually do quite often have rather steep demands, expecting you to have at least 10k+ of highly-engaged followers, consistently updated content, [X] number of views, etc., which makes the whole thing just too difficult. But not all affiliates are the same. 

Let’s find out what popular fashion networks offer to bloggers.

RewardStyle: Not for Everyone

If you’re a fashion blogger, chances are high you’ve heard the name rewardStyle. It’s a very popular network for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers wanting to make money from their social media sites. The problem is, it’s not for everyone. On the one hand, this is their prerogative and the feature that sets them apart from the flock of similar affiliate partners, making them attractive for influence marketing. But on the other hand, those who have been rejected from rewardStyle once may feel discouraged and give up on the idea of starting a fashion blog at all, thinking it’s going to be far too difficult. Which couldn’t be further from the truth! Don’t get us wrong. RewardStyle is a great platform and offers a lot of advantages to bloggers, but it is definitely not the only option available and should not be treated as one. Besides, it’s not completely flawless and has some other negatives, too. 

Something a lot of bloggers complain about is that it’s very unclear as to how rewardStyle splits the commission between the blogger and themselves. They tell you no clear % commission, nor how much you earn from each brand, making the estimation of the expected income quite confusing. 

What is also quite frustrating is that in addition to all the headache that getting accepted at rewardStyle involves, their approval process may easily take months. Of course, when you know what you’re waiting for makes the time spent worth it, but in a case with rewardStyle, it’s a guessing game.

One other issue a lot of bloggers seem to be unhappy with is that rewardStyle gives preference to the highest-earning influencers, offering them the best terms and conditions, which not only leads to the homogenization of the content but also limits other bloggers and results in smaller commission rates. A lot of fashion influencers put up with this, but for new bloggers who’ve just started out, this might turn out to be a stumbling block. 

Regardless, rewardStyle is a great network and we’re not saying otherwise. It’s just not ideal for newcomers and there are a number of issues that make it quite challenging even for a more experienced crowd.

Online-Stylist: Best for Newcomers

Online-Stylist is a relatively new name in the fashion field, which’s why it has the open-door policy and welcomes everyone who wants to join. Despite that, the company is rapidly growing and actively establishing cooperation with famous brands and large stores, already cooperating with such big names as Amazon, eBay, Boohoo, Next, Macy's. So, it makes sense to join it now and develop your business along the way.

Not only does Online-Stylist welcome everyone but it also has no fees and allows you to promote your looks seconds later after you sign up and get a referral link. So, if you’ve already got a collection of looks that you’d like to upload to your page, you’ll be able to get started immediately. In general, you’ll need to upload at least 18 looks, but if you have more, upload more - the more the better. 

How much you can earn with Online-Stylist will directly depend on the number of looks listed on your page. Therefore, as we’ve mentioned earlier, it should be your priority to create a diverse range of looks to share with your followers. Once you upload a look and someone clicks on the link for a product you post and purchases something, you will get an 80% commission. You will get a 30% commission if they click on your link but buy from another blogger and 20% if they come to your page from other bloggers’ links but buy from you. As you can see, the possible profit with Online-Stylist is not limited and directly reflects how well you perform. That said, in case you underperform, it won’t kick you out, either, giving you an option to get back to your account anytime you want. Besides, when you become an Online-Stylist publisher, you can start following other network’s members, tap their photos to like, make new friends, and keep up with fashion trends, which makes Online-Stylist much more than just a marketplace. 

In the end, while we’re certainly not deterring you from using rewardStyle, we do recommend that you give other networks a try. And Online-Stylist is one such great option. With no strict rules as to how your account should work and how many followers you must have, it’s a great place for all fashion bloggers wanting to build a brand, make themselves known, and earn money. 

So, if you’ve been dreaming about becoming a fashion influencer, sign up with Online-Stylist and make your dreams come true. It’s easier than you think! 

Comparion of rewardStyle and Online-Stylist