12 Mar 2021
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The Best 5 Ways to Monetise a Fashion Blog

Making Profit on Your Fashion Blog

For many fashionistas, blogging starts as a hobby driven by the desire to share their fashion sense and styling skill with others. However, doing it for fun, many get seriously involved in this activity and devote quite a lot of their time to it. And what about making money on your passion for fashion? If you’ve already realised the monetising potential of your blog or your social media account and look for ways to make a profit out of it, you’ve come to the right place. Though there is no “one-size-fits-all” technique that works for everyone, there are a few strategies that have proved to be highly effective in practice and might be helpful for you to start monetising your fashion blog. Are you ready? Let’s dig into it! 

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Affiliate Marketing

To put it simply, affiliate marketing is selling some products or things via your blog or social media account by posting shoppable affiliate links. These are so-called referred sales where a blogger receives a commission on each purchase or click made via those links. So, you can get the products you like or use and advertise them on your personal blog, Instagram account, or other social media. That’s a simple and one of the most profitable ways of blog monetisation. But! To get an affiliate link, you need to sign up with an affiliate partner, which is a bigger company or some online platform and this is where you might face difficulties. Some affiliate networks accept only top bloggers and fashion influencers while others have pretty strict rules for newcomers to join them. Unless you have a few thousands of followers, multiple post views, and constantly updated content, you’ll hardly be welcomed. 

However, not all partners are the same and you should in no way feel discouraged if you are a beginner blogger. Thus, Online-Stylist is open for everyone. Cooperating with such bigger merchants as Amazon, eBay, Next, Macy’s, and Boohoo and building new partnerships, the company offers free signup and very simple registration rules. There are no stringent requirements for target audience outreach and no complicated approval system. It will take you mere seconds to fill in the registration form and you’ll get a shoppable link straight away. Yes, it is as easy as that! So join Online-Stylist right now and start earning on your blog today. 

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored content is yet another profitable way of blog monetisation much loved by fashion bloggers and influencers. Here, you’ll get paid by brands, companies, and producers for posts you’ll make about their products. It’s a sort of native advertisement that should rather look like your normal blog post than direct promotion. Unlike with an affiliate marketing commission, for sponsored posts, you’ll receive a fixed payment.

Though available for everyone, sponsored content will best work for bloggers with a bigger audience, which is highly engaged and responsive, and is less effective for beginner micro-blogs.

Brand Ambassadorship

Related to sponsored content, band ambassadorship is the next step to it that implies deeper involvement and longer cooperation with some specific brand. While influencers can impact purchase decisions made by their blog readers or social media followers and companies work with them on a project basis when releasing some new products, brand ambassadors establish a long-term relationship with the brand that can last for months or even years. Under the agreement, the brand ambassador usually gets some privileges, obtains access to insider data, and receives the new products even before they appear on sale. In other words, a blogger becomes the “face” of the brand. In return, the blogger actively promotes the brand on a personal website and on social media. However, it should be noted that reputed brands mostly favour top bloggers, so this way of earning money on a blog is not the best option for beginners. 

Ad Placement

Allowing ads to appear on your website is one more way of making money through your fashion blog. You can use advertising networks like Google AdSense to earn on every click or sell your ad space directly to the sponsors and companies if you have higher traffic and a bigger niche audience. Though ad paychecks are lower today than they used to be years ago, the good thing about ads is that they enable you to continue earning not only on the recent posts but also on those you've written months ago. 

Selling Your Own Products

Once your fashion blog is “strong on its feet” filled with quality content and consistently maintained by devoted followers and high traffic, you can consider selling your own products and services. In relation to fashion bloggers, such products are usually occasion-appropriate fashion cheatsheets, seasonal or thematic lookbooks, complete styling guides, and fashion photo guides. Not only will you have full control over your direct sales but also you’ll get a chance to “pack” your knowledge and experience into something that is unique and truly yours.

Along with ready-made digital products, you can also sell services such as paid consultations on a personal style to match the client’s body type and personality, image consultations taking into account the client’s appearance, behaviour, and perspective professional goals, and wardrobe consultations helping build up an entire wardrobe that will work for the client’s image and personal style.

To wrap it up, when you contribute your time and effort to something, even if started as a hobby, it is normal to expect some revenue. And making money on a fashion blog today is natural and has become a kind of job for many fashion bloggers and influencers. Hence, whether you are a beginner blogger or a confident fashionista supported by a number of devoted followers, Online-Stylist offers an easy, simple, and effective way to monetise your blog. So, sign up with Online-Stylist and make your fashion blog work for you in all senses.