09 Nov 2020

What‌ Are‌ ‌the‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Ways‌ ‌to‌ ‌Wear‌ ‌a‌ ‌Maxi‌ ‌Skirt?‌‌

How to Style a Maxi Skirt

How many maxi skirts do you have? One? None? How come! Maxi skirts exude feminity and should be present in any lady's wardrobe. Besides, in addition to looking stunning, these full-length skirts are incredibly versatile! Wondering how to wear a maxi skirt? Keep reading. In this piece, we will tell you how to style your maxi skirt so that it will fit in on a wide range of occasions. 

The Beauty of Maxi Skirts

The Benefits of Maxi Skirts

If you've not noticed, the maxi skirt has made a huge comeback this season and is having their moment right now.  Of course, the look of the modern long skirt isn’t a ’90s Britney Spears, but the trend is surely going as strong.  Modern maxi skirts can be worn for work, for meetings with friends, and even for formal events. Available in a vast variety of styles, from flowy and A-line silhouettes to pleated and form-fitting designs, they are able to work for any occasion and body type. All you need to do is find the right cut and match it with the right tops, shoes, and accessories. Thankfully, we can help on this front, telling you how to dress a maxi skirt up or down.

What Tops Go With Maxi Skirts?

Tank Top

One of the easiest ways to wear just any maxi skirt is to pair it with a tank top. And Ashlee Simpson knows that. By matching a tight-fitting top with a flowing floral skirt, she creates a very slimming and feminine silhouette. 

For summer months, no outfit works better than a brightly-coloured maxi skirt combined with a classic white tank. You can go for tropical floral prints that look hip and modern.


For a casual look, toss on a simple T-shirt with or without sleeves. A plain T-shirt tucked into a maxi skirt creates a very elegant and relaxed look. This is a great outfit that will keep you comfortable all day long. To stick to the casual vibe, go with metallic or beaded sandals and a touch of boho jewellery. 

Crop Top

If you wonder what to wear with a skater skirt or a long skirt, then it is surely a crop top. It nicely accentuates your waist while the skirt lengthens your body visually. If you’d like to stay at the sophisticated side of sexiness, you can opt for tops showing off some of your skin around the belly. For a bit more conservative look, you can choose a maxi skirt with a high waist. Kim Kardashian dons her signature crop top with a maxi bodycon skirt.

Halter or V-Neck Top

Although maxi skirts entirely cover your legs, you can make your whole outfit sexy by pairing a skirt with a plunging, V-neck top. Kirsten Dunst is clean-cut in a polka dot shirt with a white long skirt and silver accessories.

Petite ladies that would like to appear taller should opt for darker-coloured skirts and brighter tops. A halter neck top paired with a skirt in vertical stripes will also deliver an elongating effect to your body.


For colder days, you can rock your favourite flowing maxi skirt with some chunky sweater and complete your outfit with an oversized leather bag. This ensemble will help you create an effortless, messy-chic look. Victoria Beckham looks quite edgy in a pleated maxi skirt and an oversizzed beige sweater.

Layering offers another way to make your maxi skirt appropriate for colder days. Plus, layers can also add interest to any outfit.

What Jackets Go With Maxi Skirts?

Leather Jacket

A maxi skirt is long, so it’s better to balance it with something short in a bodice, and a leather jacket suits that purpose just perfectly. Black leather matches with any materials and prints, so you shouldn’t hesitate to mix patterns or try stripes. A bold maxi skirt paired with a plain tank and a black or brown leather jacket will help you achieve a feminine yet edgy look that will work amazingly well for colder months. This style is excellent for daily wear, be it work, dinner with friends, or city walk. Emma Watson goes extra cool in a biker jacket with a sexy lace top, black maxi skirt, and red court shoes.

Denim Jacket

For a casual and carefree look, go for a denim jacket or perhaps a bomber jacket. Jeans jackets are mostly lightweight and not too hot for transitional weather, making them a great layering piece for spring and summer.


If you’re going to wear a maxi skirt in the springtime, it doesn't necessarily need a jacket. Instead, you can team it with a blazer. For example, a patterned blazer will look great with a plain, loose skirt. Yet, if you throw a solid-coloured blazer over your shoulder like Rosario Dawson, it can instantly transform your light-hearted day look into a business-chic outfit.

Trench Coat

A stylish trench coat worn over a simple T-shirt and bold maxi will make you elegantly casual. Most trench coats have belts that can emphasise your waistline and give your silhouette more definition, making you look more feminine.

Faux-Fur Coat

Fur Coat

What Shirts Go With Maxi Skirts?

Button-Down Shirt

If you’d like to achieve that polished, office-appropriate look, you can’t go wrong with a classic button-down shirt combined with your maxi skirt. Those who are on the petite side can elongate their body with a simple white button-down shirt tucked into a high-waisted black maxi. For an extra chic and extra height, wear heels. Taller women can safely choose shirts that hit the hip combined with flats. 

Black Shirt

Every woman knows the power of a monochrome look, especially when it comes to an all-black outfit that is considered to be the most slimming outfit ever. So, team your favourite black maxi skirt with a black shirt and style your hair up like Uma Thurman to get all eyes on you. You can also finish your look off with some unexpected details like a metallic slouchy bag or shoes. In the winter, you can layer a black shirt with a sequined turtleneck knit. 

White Shirt

The casual white shirt is another classy piece that will always look perfect with any long skirt, be it plain, printed, pleated, or striped one.

Denim Shirt

Even the basic, plain denim shirt paired with a nude maxi skirt can give off a very sophisticated vibe. 


For an afternoon tea party, you can pair your long skirt with a well-fitted blouse. Mandarin collar blouses or tie-up blouses will always look great with a maxi.

We hope that our guide has inspired you to try new looks with a maxi skirt even if you’ve never been a "skirt person" before. Being both versatile and stylish, a maxi will work for a variety of events and occasions.