11 Nov 2020

What Colour Shoes to Wear With a Red Dress

Colour Shoes and Red Dress Combos

Red is bold, passionate, sexy, feminine, and expressly versatile. So, it’s no wonder that this colour is one love and the biggest favourite of many gals, especially when it comes to dresses. The good news is that any woman can afford to wear a red gown since this colour comes in so many shades that it has something to offer to anyone. Scarlet red, rich crimson, deep burgundy, vivid coral are to name a few. It's notable that fiery flame red hues hit the runways this season. Hence, whatever your seasonal type, body shape, and style, you’ll find your perfect red dress for sure. And once you get one, you might face a dilemma. What shoes to wear with your amazing red frock? And the question is more about colour than design. 

Colour matching is a kind of art and, though seemingly simple to mix with other colours, red often turns out quite a tricky one, especially when you start looking into those multiple shades and hues of red. Well, that’s a wrong way to go from the start. The right path is to skip from the whole palette and consider colour combinations that will work with any red dress, whatever the type of “red” it is. With that, your shoe colour options will be much more distinctive.

Nude Shoes: Keep It Balanced

Red and nude make it simple, some would say. It’s anything but simple. Red and nude make it elegant and balanced. Low-key nude and beige colours are in no way blurred by the vibrant reds. Vice versa, skin-tone nudes show the real power behind the red and ensure it will really shine. Just try to stick to the beige side of the nude palette since pink notes will look too much if not gaudy. Red and nude is a combo that works for more formal day affairs, festive occasions, and evening events alike. If let’s say you want to wear a red dress for a wedding party, nude shoes will perfectly finalise the look. 

The only tip about plain and calm nude shades is to go for open-foot shoes like barely-there sandals, court shoes, flats, high heels, and peep-toe models and avoid all sorts of boots.

Black Shoes: Go Classy

Black is the colour that matches pretty much any colour and shade in a colour card. So, when you are not sure what shoes to bundle your red gown with, you’ll never go wrong with the black ones, it’s a failsafe match. Just like nude, the black colour is offsetting and inherent nobility makes it work both for formal and for more casual outfits equally well. And with black, you are not limited to strappy heels or classic courts. Chunky boots, platforms, and models with block heels will fit as well. Thus, for a feminine yet edgy pairing you can slip into a mini red bodycon and black stilettos and turn heads as you go while a jersey or sweater gown in a midi or maxi length will work wonders with suede сhelseas for a relaxed yet fashionable look. Your red and black combo totally depends on the occasion you are dressing up or down for. At the same time, never dismiss the idea of providing some unexpected twist by styling more formal dresses with casual shoes. Anyway, having several pairs of various black shoes in your arsenal will never go amiss.

Red Shoes: A Matchy-Matchy Combo

Red doesn’t work with red or it does? Sure, it does. If you want to play it safe and still look effortlessly stylish, a monochromatic look will do its job. The dress and shoes in the same shade of red will keep your image bright and balanced for any glamorous, black-tie, or festive evening affair. This is exactly what Octavia Spencer did with her head-to-toe red outfit that perfectly matches her skin tone. And don’t be afraid to play with textures and embellishments, those often work better than jewellery and accessories. For example, strappy sandals in the patent leather will make a perfect match to a red sequin dress while classy courts in soft suede will ideally couple with a gorgeous red lace dress

In the meantime, if you find an all-red outfit too monotonous, you are always free to break it with some catchy contrasting details or pair the frock and shoes in entirely different shades of red. Thus, burgundy shoes and a coral dress make a surprisingly stunning match.

Silver Shoes: An Easy-Going Pair

Metallics impeccably complement reds, it’s a fact. And a silver palette is the most easy-to-wear. Relatively neutral and outstanding at the same time, silver colour is good for all sorts of outfits including both casual looks, more formal apparels, and even elegant festive combos worth a red carpet. And Kirsten Dunst proves it by pairing a simple yet catchy cocktail dress on fierce scarlet red with classy heeled sandals in silver. 

A red bridesmaid dress with silver shoes and a belt will make a glam and exquisite mix for a wedding party. Meanwhile, silver heels with a red cocktail dress will make you a centrepiece of any less formal party. To add more, silver shoes will hardly gather dust in a wardrobe since this colour makes friends with many other tones and shades. 

Gold Shoes: Let It Shine

Gold is yet another metallic shade that makes best friends with red. For some ladies, it is the one and only match that comes to mind when thinking of what shoes to pair with a red dress and for a good reason. Just look at Kristina Hendricks who simply shines in a close-fitting V-neck midi dress in red and gold courts.  Thanks to a shining glam and a touch of sparkle the gold colour lends, gold and red look luxurious and refined and make a go-to combination for all gala occasions, evening events, and festivities. The choice of golden hues you have in your disposal is not limited. The only rule of thumb is to never mix different metallics. Make sure your other accessories and details in metallic colours match your metallic footwear.  

Blue Shoes: A Fashion-Forward Mix

Have you ever thought of mixing those two colours? We bet you imagine a nautical combo of navy blue with red. Yet, what we are talking about is brighter shades of blue like deep indigo, sky blue, cobalt blue, and electric. Don’t have enough courage to team those in a single outfit? C'mon, dare to throw on a scarlet red dress with vivid blue shoes and see how amazingly they work together. Another good thing is that this combo of primary colours can dress you up and down making all eyes set on you since you’ll be definitely the one to notice. The accessories to complete this colour pair should fall within the yellowish and gold palette. Take a glimpse at Cate Blanchett who shows off our tips to the best.  

White Shoes: A Refreshing Touch

While black is pretty much for anything, white is an absolute spring and summer fave with a good compatibility potential behind it as well. White colour is pure, clean, light, and welcoming like a blank canvas. As such, white is a perfect softener for the exuberant vibrancy of red, especially if you are into such shades as scarlet red, crimson, and deep coral that scream out the sexiness. So, if you are an avid red dress lover, you can both boldly blend sporty and glam styles by wearing trendy white trainers with a casual red dress and go romantic by pairing white strappy sandals with a ruffled midi wrap gown in red. 

Brown Shoes: Do They Match Red Colour?

Matching a red dress with brown shoes is a tricky game to play, yet not an impossible one. But Nicole Kidman plays that trick by teaming a sleeveless midi bodycon in red with open-to brown heels.  

The clue here is choosing the right shade of brown. Thus, too dark brown ones will look weird with red and can make your image fall apart. Softer shades and undertones that are close to a skin-colour card, on the other hand, deliver a completely different effect. They will make your outfit look put-together and professionally balanced giving it either a charming touch or a sort of rustic vibe. To name a few, oxfords or chelseas in trendy taupe will keep your image sleek and stylish and bring a slight vintage flair to it while tan-colour sandals exude strong summery vibes.

Green Shoes: Dare to Contrast

Green is surely the colour to go if you seek to dig into contrasts. There is certainly a strong touch of festivity in this colour combination that throws us back to Christmas and New Year Eve with their festive fur trees and catchy striped sweaters in red and gree. Yet, step aside from those festal traditions and look at the green from another dimension. Though being on the opposite sides of the colour wheel, red and green perfectly complement each other and you are free to experiment with them. Brighter red hue close to orange looks gorgeous with apple green, grass green, and juicy leafy green making up fresh, catchy, and outstanding bundles. And cooler reds like maroon or burgundy will show their best with deep greens like an emerald. To further enhance your fashion game, you can play around with textures, styles, and embellishments of your shoes.  

Yellow Shoes: An Unexpected Bundle

For many of us, yellow is not the top colour to choose when styling a red dress. However, you shouldn’t skip this colour from your matching palette, especially if you feel ok about experiments. So, when you are tired of safe regular colour combos and look for something extraordinary to give your red dress a twist, yellow shoes will help you create a bombshell image. You can get inspired with Tyra Banks wearing a midi sheath dress in red with vibrant yellow heels and a matching purse for an absolute killer look with a dash of extravagant chic.  

Red Dress and Prints: Spice It Up

Prints are an effortless way to enhance your red dress outfit and give your look an individual touch. Florals and animal prints are the first to come up and they will really level up the whole image. While leopard, cheetah, and reptile prints lend an edgier touch, delicate and fancy florals make the look more profound and sophisticated. Thus, a dark ruby sheath frock with killer heels in a floral print is a modest chic worth both a business lunch and a romantic dinner while a sleeveless satin bodycon with leopard ankle boots will bring you anywhere from cocktail to disco.

Alternately, to stick to the same trend, you can try colour blocks when the toe or heel area differs in colour from the rest of the shoe. Those blocks don’t have to be too bright or poppy. The pairs of beige and gold, black and silver or gold, red and gold, or white and gold will work best. 

Pink Shoes: Is It a Rebel?

This colour combination is probably the last you’d think (and some of you won’t think about it at all) when choosing shoes for a red gown. And it’s your loss! Candy pink is a stellar companion for all “pinkish” reds and is a good match for more clear tones as well. Pointy heels in bubblegum pink will surely make you stand out from the crowd in your maroon, deep wide red, or even scarlet dress. And pink courts in suede are irresistibly gorgeous. So, dismiss all your doubts and go for it! Give your monochrome red dress a girlish vibe and show off your fashion boldness.  

At this point,  your red dress dilemma should be less of a dilemma. With our tips, you are all clued up on how to team red gowns with colour shoes to pull together fashion-forward and edgy looks for any occasion. So, fetch your favourite red frock out of the closet and strut in style!