14 Nov 2020

White Jeans Outfit Ideas: The Full Guide

White Jeans Outfit Ideas

You know them, you love them, and you can wear them all year round. Although there’s something quite ’80s fashion about white jeans, they have been spotted in Milan and New York during Fashion Week this season. So, it's high time to rock your favourite pair of jeans in the most sartorial elegance. But how to avoid looking like you’re attending a fancy dress party? While Olie Arnold, Mr. Porter style director, recommends keeping it simple and avoiding ripped or overly-stressed styles, many other fashionistas say that you shouldn’t fear to experiment with bold and extravagant styles. 

That said, if you’re looking for a foolproof pair of white jeans, you can’t go wrong with high-rise straight leg jeans. Whether you're a size 24 or 40, skip the boyfriends and opt for a pair of cigarette, relaxed jeans in white. A fit that is trim but not too skin-tight or baggy will make any figure look flattering, whereas a 20- or 25-cm rise will cover your belly and prevent a muffin top.

Being a fashionable, versatile closet staple in a woman's wardrobe, white jeans can work for office, dinner, party, and casual weekend wear. What’s more, you can even wear jeans during winter months if you style them right. We’re here to help you at this front and clue you in to some essential things you need to get right before you head out the door in white denim.

Tops to Wear With White Jeans

Chambray Shirt or Striped Shirt

White jeans along with a chambray top just screams summer almost as much as lemonade and ice cream. This may be a go-to combo for barbecue parties, but when paired with killer heels, this look can work for a night out. You can also transition this outfit into autumn or spring with a simple white jacket thrown over it. Another way to give your jeans a relaxed and casual feel is to pair them with a striped shirt. Any colour will work great because it’ll offset the freshness of white jeans. For sophisticated occasions, you can wear this outfit with heels or dress it down with ballet flats or trainers for weekend getaways.

White Shirt

While we all know that an all-black monochromatic outfit can stretch your figure visually, we bet you haven’t heard that all-white can also deliver a slimming effect. Actually, it’s just as flattering as all-black but can be worn in summer (without people thinking you’re a witch or vampire). White jeans with a white shirt look very refreshing and stylish, not to mention this combo lets you show off your beautiful curves instead of hiding them behind dark colours.

Black Shirt

There is no more iconic duo than black and white. By pairing white jeans with a black shirt and black heels (one more staple in your closet), you’ll easily create an easy go-to look for a party or karaoke at the bar.

Dressy Shirt

Throw together your white skinny jeans with a shirt that is more dressy than casual, and you’ll get another combo for a night out. A V-neck blouse with some intricate patterns will work great for creating dressy outfits.


If there is any piece that goes hand in hand with all-white jeans styles, then that is a T-shirt. Wear T-shirts with emblems, logos, and images to rock your jeans. Aside from the fun part of making a statement or showing your individuality, graphic T-shirts make "oops" moments less of a big deal and can hide those embarrassing picnic stains.

Silk Tank

Play it smart with a silk tank! This ensemble looks ultimately feminine and sleek, while allowing you to stay at the sophisticated side of sexiness. It can be easily dressed up or adapted into nine to five wear.

Off-the-Shoulder Top

If you’d like to balance shredded denim, an elegant off-the-shoulder top can suit that purpose like no other. This outfit is great for hot dates if you select a material that is "pretty". Lace, chiffon, or silk … the choice is yours. 

Neutral Sweater

You might have heard the old fashion rule which says: "White should not be worn from autumn to spring, thus skipping over winter altogether". Actually, nothing feels as refreshing as winter whites. But while we can throw that fashion "rule" out the window, this doesn’t mean wearing white jeans in the winter is an easy job. Creating a perfect denim outfit may take some serious thought and inspiration.

A sweater can become the first item of clothing among a handful of chic winter outfits. When in doubt what style or colour to choose, choose something warm in neutral shades of beige, white, brown, or grey. To give your outfit a wintery feel, you can add on a scarf in matching colours.

Jackets to Wear With White Jeans

Denim Jacket

When summer starts to transition to autumn, many of us choose to wear a denim jacket non-stop. Same thing? Then, why not match it with your white jeans? It's one of the best outfits that are easy to pull together which was fashionable 10 years ago and will remain trendy 10 years from now. Rihanna gives preference to a white denim jacket and wide-leg jeans. This ensemble is a guaranteed "slimmer" since it creates an elongated vertical line and visually stretches the body.

Leather Jacket

Would you like to achieve that edgy, street-style look? Then rock your white jeans with a black leather moto jacket and a pair of black and white canvas high top trainers. Or, are you after something more feminine? Then an elegant brown leather blazer is your choice. 


While Kim prefers a classic duster trench with white basics, you can make this outfit a bit warmer by swapping the trench for a wool coat. Complete your look with a matching coloured neck sweater and chunky heels for all-day comfort and style. 


You can whittle your silhouette a bit just by adding a long cardi of contrasting colour to your jeans. It’ll frame your body at the edges, shaving away bulges in seconds. 


Tired of the same trouser suit you wear to work every day? Then a pair of loose, white jeans combined with a classy blazer will make for a look that’s instantly trendy and office-appropriate. Depending on the season, you can wear heeled mules or slouchy boots.

Footwear to Match With White Jeans

Black Boots

While wearing white jeans with dark shoes tends to stumpify your legs, this style rule has fallen by the wayside long ago. There’s no reason you can’t rock white jeans with black boots. Jennifer Aniston who wears black boots with white jeans and a black blazer proves this with her stunning look.  

Knee-High Boots

White skinny jeans have made a huge comeback this season and no other footwear (ok, we don’t count heels) works better with them than knee-high boots. Being the favourites of Bella Hadid, knee-high boots streams confidence and style. Finish your look with an aviator jacket tossed over a crop top and you’re ready to make heads turn as you go. 

Besides, there are many other outfits you can wear with knee-high boots to look sleek and foxy.

Loafers or Boat Shoes

For those lazy days when your soul and feet require some rest, consider footwear that would be both comfortable and stylish enough to complement the rest of your outfit. Loafers or boat shoes may hit the spot, keeping your look grounded.

High Heels

If there's a sure-fire way to elevate your white jeans instantly (quite literally), it's with a pair of high-heeled shoes. Pumps, stilettos, strappy sandals… all of these styles suit the purpose perfectly, working to deliver a slimming effect to your legs and giving spring to your steps. Kourtney Kardashian goes street-chic in a pair of court shoes, boyfriend jeans, and a basic T-shirt.  

We hope our post has inspired you to replace your basic, boring blue jeans with white denim trousers and create new, fresh looks.