Women's Casual Clothes in the UK

While previously casual wear was opposed to formal clothing, today, casual clothes are far more than that and include a number of transitional categories. Modern casual attire is a balanced combination of comfort, elegance, and style. It is meant to make you feel relaxed and confident while looking occasion-appropriate. Stepping aside from the formal dress code, many companies allow for casual clothing in the office. Jeans and fitted pants, culottes and wide-leg trousers, denim skirts and pencil dresses, jumper sweaters, T-shirts, and blazers are all the attributes of casual style. Create laid back trendy outfits perfect for your body type with our collection of casual clothes.

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All Shades of Casual Still think casual is only about jeans and tees? Though quite close to being true, modern casual garments go far beyond those proverbial clothing staples. By definition, “casual” means whatever you feel comfortable in as long as it is occasion-appropriate. However, in terms of style and looking up-to-date, casual attires are much more diverse and versatile. So, when it comes to modern clothing trends and dress codes, there are multiple shades of casual. Thus, informal casual is really about pure casualty and comfort. It implies no heels, tricky cuts, and movement restraining clothes and welcomes jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies, puffers, sneakers, and trainers. Actually, that is what many of us wear on a daily basis. This style is great for picnics and city strolls, weekends with friends, home parties, and airplane trips. Dressy casual or so-called casual chic stands for a bit more nailed look, still with a focus on comfort and light flair of carelessness. Thus, buttoned shirts with tried-and-true jeans or floaty skirts and trending cardigans will make a winning combo. And you are free to accessorise your look by adding some simple jewellery, scarves, hats, and fancy footwear. Smart casual has recently made a noise in the world and sounds confusing to the same extent. Simply put, it’s yet another level of refinement as compared to dressy casual and what most modern fashion mongers stick to in everyday life. It swaps jeans to seasonal pants, favours pencil skirts, all sorts of stylish and elegant tops, jackets, allows for a pop of colour, and welcomes heels and elegant flats to complete your look. In other words, it’s an outfit you’d normally wear to lunch with friends or a casual Friday at work. Business casual is what we normally call office clothing. It targets a polished and smart look without being too formal. To set up fashion-forward yet laid-back images, you can pair cropped and cigarette trousers or knee-length snug-fitting skirts with some brighter, patterned, and printed blouses and shirts and funky heels or flats.